How Did I Do?

Jeff SummersCorrespondent IJanuary 1, 2012

New Years is one of those really weird holidays. I’m not exactly sure why we make such a big deal over making a calendar obsolete. If I didn’t know any better I would guess this is one of those made up Hallmark holidays that appear on the calendar as an excuse to sell more greeting cards or in this case more calendars.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of New Years Eve and by extension New Years in general I find this time of year is especially appropriate for not just looking forward but also to reflect on the past 365 days. For whatever reason, each year I sit down with a piece of paper and begin to write down resolutions or suggest changes that I somehow feel my life needs. Last year I went through a similar exercise and I thought it might be fun to see how close I came to actually accomplishing any of the resolutions.

  1. Attend more Diamondbacks Games. Going into the year I admitted this might be a difficult change to implement. So far MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has ignored my requests to add more games to the season so the odds of actually getting more than 81 home games for the Diamondbacks seemed a little far fetched. Even taking that into account though I think I did ok on this particular resolution. I attended all 81 home games at Chase Field. I was also able to sneak in 3 1/9th more games by attending the Opening Day series in Colorado and a game in San Diego at Petco Park. I got two additional unexpected games in October when the Diamondbacks reached the playoffs and had two games at home at Chase Field. So overall I have to say I nailed this one.
  2. Complete one item from my bucket list. I’ve said all along that the bucket list items are more or less pipe dreams that I never expected to complete so it was rather arrogant suggesting I would finish one. That being said, 2011 did bring some clarity to some of the bucket list items and I was able to add to one in particular. During last season I began item number 8 on the list. I took my son Dakota to Coors Field for Opening Day and the next month we went to Petco Park in San Diego. Add to that Chase Field and we are now 10 percent done and that’s progress. Item number 6 on the bucket list was visit the press box at Chase Field during a game. The Arizona Diamondbacks did one better. They actually gave me a working press pass for a game allowing me to cover the Diamondbacks during a home game. I was able to attend the pre-game press conference with manager Kirk Gibson then covered the game from the press box sitting along side writers from Fox Sports, MLB.Com, and the Arizona Republic. The highlight though was watching Ian Kennedy win his 20th game of the season and then interview him after the game in the Diamondbacks clubhouse. That’s an experience I will never forget and that definitely went on the bucket list.
  3. Attend a Major League All-Star game. Yeah that was a gimmie since the game was at Chase Field. Not only did I get to watch the Mid-summer Classic at our home field but I was able to actually take part in the action. The Diamondbacks offered me an opportunity to be part of the pre-game ceremony helping to hold the United States flag that draped the outfield. My wife and I were actually on the playing surface on national television! It was amazing. Looks like another resolution was accomplished.
  4. Introduce at least one new person to Arizona Diamondbacks baseball. I really have to thank Kirk Gibson and Derrick Hall for this one. It was pretty easy to get people excited about Diamondbacks baseball given the success the team had on the field and the fan experience in the stands. Over the course of the season I brought 10 people to Diamondbacks games who had either never attended a game or had not seen a game since the colors changed to Sedona Red. Without exception these people expressed amazement at how much fun they had and committed to following the team more closely. Hopefully this season they will come back and bring their friends and we can see Chase Field filled to capacity.
  5. End my negative attitude towards Rally Sally. This one I am actually kind of proud of. Over the course of the season I did not write one negative thing about Rally Sally and even acknowledged her as a diehard Diamondbacks fan. I had an opportunity to talk to her a couple of times and it went well. I don’t expect that I will be sharing her Howard the Duck costume nor will I be waving her flags but I respect her dedication and I’ll continue to try and bridge the gap I had mistakenly created. Hopefully she will be back at Chase Field in 2012 cheering on the players and coaches.

Well overall I don’t think I did too bad. There were some items that I didn’t quite do as well as I would like but as a whole I am pleased with the effort. Of course it’s easy to keep your resolutions when it’s something within reason. I mean I wasn’t crazy and suggest that I would become a Boston Red Sox fan or that I would somehow root for “The Great” Troy Tulowitzki or that I would become a Satan worshipper and cheer for Derek Jeter. I mean there are some things a guy just can’t do.