Raw's Big Issue, Alexa Bliss Desperately Needs Bianca Belair and More WWE Takes

Kevin BergeDecember 6, 2022

Raw's Big Issue, Alexa Bliss Desperately Needs Bianca Belair and More WWE Takes

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    Alexa Bliss and Bayley have advanced to a match next week where the winner will get a shot at Bianca Belair and the Raw Women's Championship.
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    The December 5 edition of WWE Raw was chaotic, with many wrestlers brawling for revenge or a chance to find greater success.

    Alexa Bliss and Bayley won respective Triple Threat matches to earn a chance to fight for a No. 1 contendership next week. While The Role Model has faced Bianca Belair before, The Goddess would be an interesting new challenge for the Raw women's champion.

    Dolph Ziggler got involved in Mustafa Ali's match with Austin Theory for the United States title. He remains hyper-focused on A-Town while lacking any real direction for himself.

    Dominik Mysterio got in another win this week, defeating Akira Tozawa easily. But he still cannot find his signature in the ring, which is limiting his upside, especially without Rhea Ripley.

    Elias and Matt Riddle were taken out by The Bloodline, while Seth Rollins has found another growing rival in Bobby Lashley.

    The red brand is growing into a messy frenzy that could use more clarity in its stories.

Bianca Belair is Alexa Bliss' Ticket Back to Main Event Scene

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    Bianca Belair needs a fresh challenger, and Alexa Bliss presents a very interesting new hurdle for The EST of WWE. The two have been allies to date, which means they have tagged together but never fought one-on-one.

    This is the perfect time to change that. While The Goddess may be a face for the moment, she has been set up for a sudden heel turn.

    Most weeks, a Bray Wyatt symbol has appeared near Bliss as though calling her. She has a deep history with him, but they are on opposite shows currently.

    However, it can begin by twisting her mind again. With a new creative team, a return to her previous poorly booked but promising character could be just what the 31-year-old needs.

    Bliss is too generic in her role as an Asuka and Belair ally. She has so much more to give. In fact, she could be a main event mainstay with the help of The EST.

Dolph Ziggler Needs New Ally to Escape Brutal Booking 

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    Dolph Ziggler is back, but he is just doing the same thing. This time, he is battling Austin Theory in a feud that is going nowhere.

    With Mustafa Ali finding himself stuck in the middle on Monday, nothing has changed. Ziggler is not going to defeat A-Town. In fact, he may not even get a serious title shot as Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley still wait in the wings.

    The Showoff has lost credibility to the point of needing a reset. In the past, when he needed a new spot, he found an ally. From Big E and AJ Lee to Drew McIntyre and Robert Roode, he works best with someone helping him.

    His last tag team partner, Roode, announced Friday on Instagram that he has had neck fusion surgery. WWE may have hoped to have The Glorious One back soon to work with The Showoff, but now Ziggler needs someone else.

    The most obvious first choice would be Ali, who also lacks direction. Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander also need direction if The Hurt Business do not come back together. Ziggler can help restart Alpha Academy or The Street Profits.

    The Showoff could also benefit from a manager such as Dana Brooke or Aliyah, who do not have a direction right now otherwise. A stable of underused talent would be the ideal option. Ziggler just needs someone who can make him look fresh again and far more credible.

Dominik Mysterio Still Struggling in the Ring

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    Dominik Mysterio debuted in WWE on a high. His match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam in August 2020 was spectacular, but nothing has matched that moment since inside the squared circle.

    While the son of Rey Mysterio may be talented, he has looked flat as an in-ring performer. He is improving as a mic worker but does not come off as anything more than a developmental talent.

    There is no doubt the 25-year-old can improve. His father is one of the all-time greats and works with him personally. He has connected himself with very talented wrestlers, including Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest.

    It would be nice to see him vary his style at this point, though. He has a generic style that feels appropriate for a young NXT star, but he doesn't have a signature that makes people want to see him.

    He is relying upon his relationship with Ripley, who could put over anyone by working with them. Dominik will not work with her forever, and if he does not improve, he will struggle for television time over better wrestlers.

    Even now, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak, Los Lotharios and others can barely get screen time but have a far better performance track record.

Raw Needs Stronger Rivalries

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    Three hours of wrestling is a tough sell weekly. The best way to make Raw worth watching consistently is strong rivalries, but the red brand has almost none at the moment.

    The best story going is Becky Lynch vs. Bayley, who have instantly taken over Raw with their memorable segments. Bianca Belair should also have a clear rival again soon.

    Austin Theory has established himself as United States champion, but he has too many rivals fighting him and each other. The tag team division is a rotating cast of tandems waiting to challenge The Usos.

    This week, Matt Riddle and Elias were set up for that shot. With both taken out by the end of the night thanks to The Bloodline, they should get a real title match soon, but the story has limited momentum.

    This week's show was all brawls and little heat. WWE cannot get away with pure chaos weekly. These fights need to lead to clearly defined stories that people can get excited about all the way to the Royal Rumble on January 28 and perhaps beyond.