UFC 141 Reaction: 5 Fights to Lure Brock Lesnar Back to the UFC

Christopher HuertaContributor IIIJanuary 1, 2012

UFC 141 Reaction: 5 Fights to Lure Brock Lesnar Back to the UFC

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    After suffering his second straight loss with both coming via strikes, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar decided to hang up his gloves and retire from the Octagon.  It was a shocking move, not because no one saw it coming but because of timing of his announcement.

    However, throughout Lesnar's career he has always had comebacks and returns several times and this may not be the last of the former champion within the UFC.  When it comes to bringing Brock back it will come down to several factors, including allowing him to stay near his family, keeping his high-profile and, most importantly, the money.

    These five fights could be just right to bring the big man back from the woods of the great North.

Fight No. 5: Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

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    Now some may question why the overrated and overblown former WWE wrestler is on this list.  Well for those two reasons exactly, because he's a cakewalk for Lesnar and would draw a solid crowd to see Lesnar win the freak show. 

    Lashley was once compared to Lesnar during his rise and there are many in the industry that said that offended Brock.  Lashley has been riding Brock's coat-tails for years so this would be a great opportunity to squash that thought and a win would help Lesnar raise his profile slightly.

    Of course Lashley isn't a UFC-caliber fighter and I doubt this is big enough to truly get Brock back.  But who knows, maybe he considers this a great opportunity.

Fight No. 4: Lesnar vs. Stephen Neal

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    Stephen who?  The former two-time NCAA Division I heavyweight national champion from Cal St. Bakersfield, Stephen Neal, was the only man to defeat Brock in his junior year, winning his second title by dominating Lesnar.  Since then Lesnar went on to win the 2000 title in an undefeated run while Neal went on to win three Super Bowl rings with the Patriots despite not playing football in college.

    Lesnar has said many times that the defeat to Neal has always haunted him since Neal not only ended his undefeated run but swiped the mat with the future WWE star.  A fight with Neal may not have the draw of many other fights, but it definitely would be a fight in which Brock could settle a long-running score.

    The question then becomes who Neal, now 35, possess any threat and would he even consider fighting after just retiring from the NFL after the 2010 season.

Fight No. 3: Lesnar vs. Chael Sonnen

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    The king of MMA trash-talk is not one to stop probing and prodding other fighters and will most likely call out the former WWE superstar again.  Why would Lesnar take this?  Because he would not only want to take the money, there would definitely be an audience who wants to see this sideshow, but to shut up Sonnen for calling him out.

    I doubt that UFC matchmaker Joe Silva would make this fight but if the audience gets big enough and there are enough trash talk from Sonnen I could see it possibly happening.  While there is money on the line for Lesnar, I don't know if he'd be as motivated because he'd be fighting a middleweight and someone giving up close to 80 pounds to him.

Fight No. 2: Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko

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    Remember back when Lesnar was champion and Fedor was the most coveted free agent in MMA history?  Well that was just a few years ago and when the match was being discussed people were talking about having the fight in the new Cowboys Stadium and selling out the place.  But after Fedor, and M-1 Global actually, decided to go a different way the fight became something that fans could only dream of.

    However, this is still a huge money fight and one that could easily be made if, and it's a big if, Fedor and his team at M-1 Global can ever agree to terms the UFC offers.  The UFC would also have to show interest signing Fedor and Lesnar would have to show interest in coming back but those are not the biggest hurdles in the way of this fight.  Who knows, maybe just maybe this isn't as big a pipe dream as it seems.

    And with Fedor's skills diminishing as time goes by, Lesnar has even less to worry about if they were to fight, meaning that he can feel safe that he can come out on top.  Fedor has also shown that he can be out muscled which goes perfectly with Lesnar's most used strategy.

Fight No. 1: Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

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    Ok this one is easy: the final fight in the Lesnar-Mir trilogy is the biggest and most appealing fight out there to bring Brock back.  It would be a huge draw since both fighters hold a win with Mir also selling the fight by saying that Lesnar couldn't beat the new and larger Mir if they were to fight again. 

    This fight has everything that Lesnar would want: the built-in emotions to get up for the fight, a fighter who is calling him out and the money to finalize the deal.  It's a fight that the UFC would finalize in a moment because it would not only bring Brock back but it makes sense and who draw huge money.

    However, I doubt that Brock will ever be back because after spending all those months on his farm in Canada he seemed happy and content with being away from the world.  Brock Lesnar is gone and I doubt he's coming back.  But who knows, weirder things have happened...