George Foreman Sued for Alleged Sexual Assault of 2 Minors in 1970s

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured Columnist IVAugust 24, 2022

Roger Kisby/Getty Images for Hublot

Two women reportedly filed lawsuits in Los Angeles on Wednesday saying former professional boxer George Foreman sexually abused them in the 1970s when they were minors.

TMZ Sports obtained the lawsuits that are seeking unspecified damages.

One of the women said she met Foreman through her father, who worked with the boxer, when she was approximately eight years old. She said he started "grooming" her by "taking her out for ice cream and allowing her to sit on his lap as [he] drove his car" and eventually engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior when she was 13 years old and sexual intercourse when she was 15 years old.

He was in his 20s.

The other woman said she also met Foreman through her father, who she said was the boxer's "long-time advisor."

She said she was nine years old when she met him and that approximately six years later he started to "molest and sexually abuse" her until she was 16.

While the women said Foreman "did not deny the allegations" when he was previously confronted about his actions by a friend, the boxer released a statement to TMZ Sports in July and denied the allegations.

"I adamantly and categorically deny these allegations," he said. "The pride I take in my reputation means as much to me as my sports accomplishments, and I will not be intimidated by baseless threats and lies."

Foreman said the women are attempting to "extort millions of dollars each from me and my family."

Foreman is 73 years old. The final fight of his boxing career came in 1997.


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