Insight Bowl 2011 Video: Watch Sky Cam Attack Iowa's Marvin McNutt

Justin Welton@JustinWeltonAnalyst IIDecember 31, 2011

There were a couple of instances that actually made the 2011 Insight Bowl between the Oklahoma Sooners and Iowa Hawkeyes watchable in the fourth quarter. One was Iowa turning a blowout into a close game and the other, unfortunately for Hawkeyes’ wide receiver Marvin McNutt, was the Sky Cam making its first ever appearance onto the football field during a game.

We can laugh and joke about it now because it didn’t hurt McNutt, but that’s the last thing a player expects to see flying at them during the course of a game. It is pretty scary to think about.

I’ve always wondered about the Sky Cam and its play during games. Sometimes I do feel that it seems dangerously close to the field, but it never has an impact on a play or anything like that.

But now that we have seen a giant camera fall from the sky, I think that there will be some extra precautions about the camera. The viewer won’t see any changes, but I’m sure that there will be more protection to prevent wires from snapping or something else going haywire. 

I do wonder how this will impact players in the future. Do they just forget about a possible camera flying down at them at any moment or do they ponder about it happening to them? I think it would be at least in the back of their mind.

As for the game, it wasn’t anything to be thrilled about unless you love to watch every bowl game regardless of the score. 

Iowa scored 14 fourth-quarter points to cut the lead to seven, making a lack-luster game a watchable one. Then, Oklahoma scored 10 unanswered points to finish the score line at 31-14.

The thing I will remember from this game won’t be Oklahoma winning or Iowa scoring 14 in the fourth, but it will be the camera that fell from the sky. Give me something I didn't expect.