1. ©️ @14Djc

    Not sure what’s worse, the last 18 months of Wenger’s tenure or the last 18 months of Emery. Both shocking decision makers & mind-numbingly stressful as a fan.

  2. SVR Pepe 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 @SVRPepe

    Emery has to be sacked NOW. Have you seen Arsenal’s run in December and Jan? We’re messing up the EASIEST set of fixtures we’ll have all season. It will only get worse

  3. Arsenal PLUG 🔌🔴⚪ @ArsenalPlug

    I'm sorry for all that disagree but this is becoming a joke now. I had so much faith in emery at the start of last season but tactically he keeps getting wrong. The prem isn't cut out for him and he still hasn't made our defensive any better at all and that was NO.1 on the list https://t.co/3tDoqnOf4v

  4. The Arsenal @DareToWenger

    We have lost three leads this week. Emery has instilled a negative mentality amonst a group of talented naturally attacking players and it’s showing.

  5. JB™️ @gunnerpunner

    Arsenal booed off the pitch at home. Unai Emery doing in 15 months what it took Arsène Wenger 22 years to achieve. It’s arguably impressive.

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  7. Spanish Gooner @elspanishgooner

    Haven't seen the Arsenal fanbase so united since the Wenger and Mourinho brawl outside the technical area. Unai Emery really brought everyone together.

  8. gunnerblog @gunnerblog

    I said I thought Emery would stumble through until Christmas, but that was contingent on him winning the home games against Palace and Wolves. He hasn't managed to win either. Increasingly feels like when not if. My hunch is the Leicester game will be the board's tipping point.

  9. 🐨™ @ArsenalHQ19

    Mesut Özil doesn’t like Unai Emery Dani Ceballos doesn’t like Unai Emery Granit Xhaka doesn’t like Unai Emery Alex Lacazette doesn’t like Unai Emery The Arsenal fans don’t like Unai Emery Who does like Unai Emery and why is there so much hesitation sacking him?

  10. Transfer News @TrustyTransfers

    Unai Emery and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer discussing today’s results. https://t.co/NdXWho2wX7

  11. Sean Swaby @seanswaby

    Should have been sacked in the summer. S/o @tomwebby92 for this masterpiece https://t.co/5MPoMeesSs

  12. V. @viqash12

    @gunnerpunner Summed it up perfectly, but things were never this bad with Wenger. He never had a squad this good in the last 5 or so years either.

  13. AfcVIP⁴⁹ @VipArsenal

    Emirates stadium when Unai Emery is finally gone. https://t.co/AXlXpQx2gv

  14. Patrick Timmons @PatrickTimmons1

    What exactly is the long-term plan? Lampard has been at Chelsea for 10 league games & they’ve shown more signs of direction. The issue isn’t simply that we’re not winning, it’s that we’ve shown no signs of improvement in 16 months under Emery. Another embarrassing afternoon.

  15. - @afcsigurd

    The football is awful. The results are awful. The atmosphere around the club is awful. What more reasons do you need to sack this clown, @arsenal?

  16. Younes H-Hamou @youneshh

    Arsenal fans have finally cracked with Emery. They all want him gone now after today. Its officially #EmeryOut lol Meanwhile at Chelsea... 😎 https://t.co/1P97mzKlq8