1. The Athletic @TheAthletic

    Sean McDonough sums up college football fans' mood when finding out the Orioles-Yankees game is being delayed 😂 ESPN had planned to cut in with live look-ins of Aaron Judge's at-bats again today. 🎥 @bubbaprog https://t.co/z11ncqqFbu

  2. Chris Vannini @ChrisVannini

    If you only watched Aaron Judge via college football cut-ins, you would think he is terrible.

  3. David Ubben @davidubben

    ESPN to college football fans when Aaron Judge is up to bat. https://t.co/9Rn3T1Q641

  4. Jason Kirk @thejasonkirk

    TCU gonna get to 62 before the baseball guy does lmao

  5. Leland @KingCuck69

    College football fans when they cut to an Aaron Judge at bat https://t.co/C3jpPL7E3z


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  7. Brett McMurphy @Brett_McMurphy

    Sources: Oklahoma fans wished ABC didn’t switch back to TCU game after Aaron Judge at bat

  8. MattBeGreat @mattbegreatyt

    Dear ABC, for the SECOND STRAIGHT WEEK. We as college football fans DO NOT Care about Aaron Judge’s baseball record. Sincerely, college football fans everywhere https://t.co/cvHG50LNzS

  9. no context college football @nocontextcfb


  10. Dagen Hughes @dagen_hughes

    CFB Fans: Can you please stop putting Aaron Judge on our TVs during college football? ESPN: https://t.co/j5jkiigAaF

  11. 𝙋𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙡 𝙍𝙞𝙘𝙠 @PistolRick

    Ou fans praying for Aaron judge to come up to bat at this point

  12. jordan mendoza @jordan_mendoza5

    Finally sitting down to watch football today, and the first thing I see is the ESPN Aaron Judge cut-in. I hate everything

  13. no context college football @nocontextcfb

    need someone to find the stats for Aaron Judge while on college football broadcasts he has to have walked 700 times for sure

  14. Boys Down Bad Podcast @BoysDownBad_Pod

    College football fans when ESPN cuts to watch Aaron Judge break a fake record https://t.co/F8CEhIZGoI

  15. Aaron (the Give Smart guy) @BobbyBigWheel

    If college football fans wanted to see an Aaron who doesn't score they'd follow me on Twitter dot com

  16. Chris Hassel @Hassel_Chris

    Can we plz get an Aaron Judge cut-in the next time Iowa has the ball?

  17. Brandon Pope TV @BpopeTV

    Not a fan of the CFB / Aaron Judge split screen. I get why they are doing it. But if I wanted to watch baseball I would flip to it. It’s Saturday 🏈

  18. Nicole Auerbach @NicoleAuerbach

    college football fans should be rooting hard for Aaron Judge to just hit this home run, then all this would stop

  19. The Field of 12 @TheFieldOf12


  20. Mike Golic Jr @mikegolicjr

    College Football fans after another live cut-in to Aaron Judge at the plate https://t.co/4g1oWC23Wu

  21. Mikewichter @mikewichter

    ESPN interrupting college football to show aaron judge at bats https://t.co/wTEaq6QYtL

  22. Yahoo Sports College Football @YahooSportsCFB

    Aaron Judge for Heisman

  23. Pregame Empire @PregameEmpire

    ESPN making us watch Aaron Judge at bats during college football games https://t.co/FOg0ugv8D7

  24. Owen Kidd @OKiddVT

    I speak for all sports fans when we say we don’t want to have our game interrupted with Aaron Judge getting walked five times a game. We do not care.

  25. Bobby Bones @mrBobbyBones

    Unpopular sports opinion. College football fans don’t care about Aaron Judge. For sure not enough to cut into the games.

  26. Chris Wilson @WilsonWPA

    If I cared about baseball I’d have the game on.

  27. Anwar Richardson @AnwarRichardson

    If I cared about Aaron Judge trying to break the record, I'd watch the Yankees game. Put the football game back on.

  28. Kren10 @KrentHueni

    Death. Taxes. Aaron Judge robbing our cfb coverage