1. If Morstead and Evans are out this Sun, that leaves just Brees, Colston & Strief from the Super Bowl roster, & Jenkins on the other side.

  2. #Saints OT Zach Strief said offense always talks about getting that "first first down." Was great they didn't need it in OT.

  3. Look I'm neither defending Strief nor ragging on Peat. I'm just saying it's not always so simple

  4. On Strief

  5. Brees should step up, but Lawrence reaches around Strief.

  6. There’s not a nicer guy, but Strief is really having some big problems. It’s getting to be time to see what 1st rounder Andrus Peat can do.

  7. Strief beat. Brees hit. Nearly a pick. Um, quite a bad start. Saints punt.

  8. Someone just tossed a pass to the offensive linemen's corner of the end zone. I think Zach Strief looked terrified it would come to him

  9. Zach Strief: "And if we don't find a way to win, this culture will change again, because none of us will be here."

  10. Zach Strief said it was a lot better to come to work this season because of how the culture in the locker room has changed for the better.

  11. #Saints OT Zach Strief also said team culture is much better this year -- but it's not enough. "It's a lot better... http://t.co/x4paxZqWVL

  12. Saints RT Zach Strief apologizes to Drew Brees for allowing injury http://t.co/84bBK9u2Rj http://t.co/tN6LjTVHfC

  13. Saints' OL Strief apologized to Drew Brees for the hits that led to his shoulder injury. http://t.co/2LvtnA0rPC http://t.co/h5prTUDlpb

  14. Saints RT Zach Strief says sorry to Drew Brees for hit that injured QB http://t.co/HGfDQnATnE

  15. Player interviews from today: Drew Brees, Keenan Lewis, Hau'oli Kikaha & Zach Strief (VIDEOS) http://t.co/H4MIN0k50B http://t.co/izkBSP2vNe

  16. Zach Strief: 'It's your biggest fear as a lineman' | Video http://t.co/7DmOzn140q http://t.co/BZ4UvcfR37

  17. New Orleans Saints' Zach Strief says sorry to Drew Brees for hits on QB http://t.co/Jm7MzS7j2E http://t.co/imvwbi2gUB

  18. Drew Brees harried by Bucs as Zach Strief struggles, pass protection breaks down: Offensive… http://t.co/FyMO26IvX0 http://t.co/R28L2QywW0

  19. Drew Brees harried by Bucs as Zach Strief struggles, pass protection breaks down: Offensive film study http://t.co/qrfqDiWD21 via @nolanews

  20. #Saints OT Zach Strief is 32 today. Other birthdays: NOLA-born rapper Mystikal (45), Vince Coleman (54), Scott Baio (55). #happydays

  21. Good game by him. He made @Saints T Zach Strief look old & slow. https://t.co/fqFxPfgFzf

  22. Two referees came over to Zach Strief on the bench and tapped him on the knee. Looked like they might have been apologizing.