1. Mariota to Start at QB for Titans vs. Saints

  2. Zach Mettenberger Atrocious In Week 8 Loss To Texans

  3. Texans' D Makes Life Miserable for Mettenberger

  4. Mettenberger Sacked Seven Times in Loss

  5. Mettenberger sacked AGAIN by Watt. Fumble recovered. Now Houston has the ball in the red zone. Wow.

  6. Mettenberger is getting killed. He HAS to throw it. #Titans

  7. Mercilus with his third sack of Mettenberger on the day. #Hopeless

  8. Titans Need to Run to Make Things Easier on Mettenberger

  9. Zach Mettenberger Named Week 8 Starter

  10. Mettenberger More Mobile in 2nd Season

  11. Mercilus and Watt split the Texans 7th sack of Mettenberger. Ridiculous all around.

  12. And Mettenberger swallowed up again. Mercilus and Watt on the sack. #Texans have 7 sacks today.

  13. Mettenberger on the field on his hands and knees. Watt hit him in the middle of the back on last play, it looked like. Whitehurst enters.

  14. Mettenberger Ready to Go for Titans if Needed

  15. Trashman's Garbage Grab: Week 7

  16. Zach Mettenberger Throws Two Picks

  17. Mettenberger out in the parking lot? #Texans #Titans https://t.co/ZDHCpaSRse

  18. And then Mettenberger fumbles on a sack by J.J. Watt.

  19. Mettenberger takes another hit from Watt and is down, getting medical attention. #Titans

  20. Mettenberger Takes Blame for Loss to ATL

  21. Late Mettenberger Pick Ends Titans' Chance

  22. Watch: Mettenberger Finds Wright for 19-Yd TD

  23. Mettenberger must throw the ball. Line is bad, rush is big. Get rid of it.

  24. J.J. Watt with a roughing the passer call after a Mettenberger completion.

  25. Mettenberger injured after a hit by Watt.

  26. The #Titans will start QB Zach Mettenberger today vs #Falcons, but source says Marcus Mariota (MCL) is expected back next week.

  27. Mettenberger, Wright's Fantasy Outlook for Week 7

  28. Zach Mettenberger Officially Named Starter For Week 7

  29. Defense bails out offense after the Mettenberger interception

  30. Turnover on downs, probably should have been a pick 6. Mettenberger and the Titans should be ashamed.

  31. Zach Mettenberger And The Top Deep Sleepers To Consider At DraftKings In Week 7

  32. Zach Mettenberger Preparing To Start Week 7

  33. Mettenberger hurt by Watt on that one. Getting medical attention.

  34. Mettenberger holds the ball again. This time its Jared Crick. What is he doing?

  35. Mettenberger Ready to Go If Needed: 'Same Mindset'

  36. It Might Be Mettenberger's Time with Tennessee

  37. Mettenberger: We stuck the game plan as long as possible, but when you're down two scores, you have to change things up.

  38. Mettenberger finds Walker and Hunter on back to back throws.

  39. Mettenberger in for #Titans.

  40. Watch: Mettenberger Finds Richardson for TD

  41. Mettenberger: "It's never fun losing. But we still have a lot of football games to play this year."

  42. Whiz got more starts with Skelton (17), Kolb (14), Anderson (9), Mettenberger (8) and Leinart (6) than he got with Mariota (5).

  43. Simms: No Way Titans Should Trade Mettenberger

  44. Whisenhunt Shoots Down Mettenberger Trade Whispers

  45. Zach Mettenberger....not a bad field goal kicker https://t.co/0BVpuud5f1

  46. No #Texans were fined for their 3 roughing the passer calls against ##Titans' Mettenberger last wk.Watt, Mercilus, Cushing were flagged.

  47. Mularkey: We are preparing for Mariota to play Sunday, but we are being smart about it. Mettenberger still getting plenty of reps.

  48. Whiz: Mettenberger came out of the game healthy. #Titans

  49. Familiar stuff from Dec. 7, 2014: Mettenberger hurt again because of Whisenhunt's protection philosophy https://t.co/S2BXu5cyiV #Titans

  50. ICYMI: #Titans notebook includes items on Nate Washington, Mettenberger, Sankey, more: https://t.co/W5OkWzvJVo https://t.co/5t8uFRdV2r

  51. Marcus Mariota returns to start for the Titans Sunday, after Zach Mettenberger struggled the previous two games: https://t.co/QA0F84AWDp

  52. Hi @Giants! Zach Mettenberger would like his old teammate @OBJ_3 to watch this. https://t.co/l8EVQudb8O

  53. Ken Whisenhunt was like Zach Mettenberger in that press conference, stood in and took his shots. #Titans

  54. Whisenhunt: Zach Mettenberger took a lot of hits, but he came out of the game healthy.

  55. Whiz: Zach Mettenberger came out of Sunday's game healthy.

  56. Byron Bell: Zach Mettenberger took some shots yesterday he had no business taking yesterday.

  57. Texans defense ensures a miserable day for Zach Mettenberger https://t.co/gE3DL0GtLO

  58. Zach Mettenberger pass chart for Titans vs. Texans. It's where passes came down. https://t.co/yL0Ak5822v https://t.co/5HTLlePSKt

  59. ICYMI: What led to Texans' mauling of #Titans QB Zach Mettenberger: https://t.co/R07mtnb2Qc https://t.co/YMsLRL89BB

  60. Titans QB Zach Mettenberger was sacked 7 teams and hit 7 more in the loss according to ESPN

  61. Oops. Zach Mettenberger and Jimmy Clausen have worse QBRs than Cassel among QBs who have started. Still ... https://t.co/2BrBbW5pIf

  62. Texans defense ensures a miserable day for Zach Mettenberger https://t.co/gHufMKVpR1