1. Yoenis Cespedes wins an AL Gold Glove for his time with the Tigers in left field. Meanwhile, Jason Heyward wins... https://t.co/ZX4m96jrW0

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  6. Cespedes, of course, only spent four months of this season with the Tigers. But he may well have been the best defender in a weak AL field.

  7. Cespedes is a first-time Gold Glove winner. Now, and always, is an appropriate time for this: https://t.co/3s6iD1A2DT

  8. Cespedes with a Gold Glove in LF....in the AL.

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  12. The AL LF Gold Glove award goes to Yoenis Cespedes! https://t.co/7Zt4E2BYEN

  13. Cespedes is a gold glove leftfielder in the American League.

  14. Cespedes was eligible for the AL Gold Glove because he met the games played threshold

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  18. Yoenis Cespedes - formerly of the Tigers - wins the AL Gold Glove for left field. Brett Gardner of the Yankees was one of three finalists.

  19. Y'all know why Cespedes won, right? #HarbaughDifference https://t.co/2gIorTwbRW

  20. Yoenis Cespedes wins a Gold Glove Award in the American League https://t.co/sutXD9Usbf https://t.co/C7J41Rv2d8

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  23. Cespedes Gets Doubled Off to End Game 4

  24. Former #Tigers OF Yoenis Cespedes wins team's first outfield Gold Glove since 1989 | https://t.co/AYBtwAwZNf

  25. Yoenis Cespedes wins 1st career Gold Glove. 22% of baserunners advanced on him in LF this season, lowest rate in MLB. MLB average is 37%.

  26. Yoenis Cespedes Wins Gold Glove, Yadier Molina Gets 8th Straight https://t.co/5gpShjUa2y #Mets

  27. Dear @ynscpds, I found a great place for us on Elizabeth st. Great Cuban food and coffee. After the Series.. Hope you have a great G4 tonight!! #LGM @metscenter

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  29. Happy Gilmore Cespedes: 400-Yd Drives, Low 70s Scores

  30. Yoenis Cespedes wins Gold Glove ... as Tiger https://t.co/yRBdMZdobT #NYM #Mets

  31. According to STATS, Cespedes and Power are the only Gold Glove winners to even play an inning in the other league in the same season.

  32. Cespedes: Regular-Season Star to World Series Dud

  33. Cespedes Plans to Golf During World Series

  34. Ex-Tiger Yoenis Cespedes takes home AL Gold Glove in left Sent with @MLB At Bat https://t.co/zcjQquWImy

  35. Yoenis Cespedes isn’t undergoing special offseason treatment for left shoulder injury (AC joint discomfort) he sustained in postseason.

  36. Red Sox Didn't See Cespedes in Plans

  37. Cespedes Misses Mets' WS Introductions

  38. ICYMI, Cespedes wins Gold Glove in LF for #Tigers, Kinsler robbed | https://t.co/AYBtwAfooF

  39. LOOK: Yoenis Cespedes' new car defies description https://t.co/0UJFsKi4fN

  40. Cespedes Expects to Continue to Golf During WS

  41. Let the Mets Try to Explain Cespedes' Superpowers

  42. Yoenis Cespedes Had A Huge Strike Zone Problem https://t.co/u0XK6JaKyH #Mets

  43. You have to see Yoenis Cespedes' insane new souped-up car that you and I will never own: https://t.co/jEivys3CyG

  44. Cespedes (Shoulder) Says He'll Be Ready for Game 1

  45. Cespedes Played Golf Before NLCS Game 4

  46. Can only imagine what type of hitter (Cespedes? Zobrist?) #Angels might have gotten had they been willing to trade Sean Newcomb in July.

  47. White Sox Rumors: Sox meet with Yoenis Cespedes' agent https://t.co/bFswwifI8d https://t.co/mJoXqHBod0

  48. Cespedes Guns Down Castro to Keep Game 1-1 in 5th

  49. Cespedes Thrilled to Reach LCS for First Time

  50. The Giants are looking into Yoenis Cespedes and David Price: https://t.co/wZUPjU5Q8y https://t.co/RgK6ZJIPIk

  51. The Giants are considering both David Price and Yoenis Cespedes: https://t.co/Bn9Z8M277l https://t.co/E3xgGtc86H

  52. Video: Yoenis Cespedes' 431-Foot Moon Shot

  53. Watch: Cespedes, Conforto Launch Early HRs Off Greinke

  54. Most Defensive Runs Saved Due to Deterrent Value of Arm - Last 3 Seasons Leonys Martin 25 Yoenis Cespedes 23

  55. I'm not crazy about Jackson. You know me, I'd ride or die with Cespedes & be done with it. But factoring in the reality of the situation ...

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  57. Cespedes Learned Early in Life That His Mother Knows Best

  58. So yeah, I'd bring back Cespedes because he's the man. But if we're going cheap, Jackson is worth at least looking at.

  59. Don't understand why I keep getting questions about Cespedes. The #Mets are not going to sign Cespedes. Should I try in different languages?

  60. Cespedes Undaunted by Dodgers Aces: 'Just Like Anyone Else'

  61. Asked about his bruised fingers from that HBP last week, Cespedes says: "I am 100% ready to start this battle." #Mets

  62. Shockingly, Curtis Granderson appeared on only one of 30 ballots. Yoenis Cespedes finished higher. https://t.co/QL0jKBRaA7

  63. My NL MVP ballot: Harper, Goldschmidt, Votto, Rizzo, McCutchen, Arenado, Greinke, Arrieta, Carpenter, Cespedes https://t.co/luSyPajXQw

  64. Mets Face Lose-Lose Cespedes Decision

  65. One Pitch Nearly Crushed Mets' Title Dreams

  66. My MVP ballot: Harper, Goldschmidt, Votto, McCutchen, Posey, Arenado, Arrieta, Greinke, Carpenter, Cespedes. Top was easy, rest was tough.

  67. Bryce Harper rightfully unanimous. Yoenis Cespedes, after a thousand idiotic takes, rightfully 13th and not higher than sixth on any ballot.

  68. X-Rays Negative on Cespedes After HBP

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  70. Yoenis Cespedes won the Gold Glove in AL, and finished 13th in the MVP voting in the NL. Only question is if it's the highest Tigers player

  71. Yoenis Cespedes tops Curtis Granderson for most MVP votes among Mets https://t.co/kRUfebgfmt #NYM #Mets

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  74. Cespedes Finishes 13th in MVP Voting, Fulmer Ranked Tigers’ #1 Prospect https://t.co/JNDYznaJHL #Mets

  75. Jerry Crasnick on the winter marketing of free-agent Yoenis Cespedes to potential suitors: https://t.co/YnRQV3MXEN #mets

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  77. Is Cespedes This Era's Mike Piazza?

  78. New on https://t.co/oxlrUIGO6s: A look at how Yoenis Cespedes' reps are pushing to get him a big deal. https://t.co/U1ftOI8uSY

  79. Cool story by @jcrasnick on how Yoenis Cespedes’ agents are marketing his services to teams this offseason: https://t.co/dKAZbNZwc7