1. Puig flies out to left for the first out.

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  6. Puig goes down swinging for the first out.

  7. Puig is 0 for 4 today.

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  12. Repeat after me -- I will never, ever criticize Yasiel Puig for a bat flip again. I will never, ever criticize Yasiel Puig for a bat flip...

  13. Don Mattingly knows Yasiel Puig had a tough season, but he’s not frustrated with the OF. http://t.co/F3FczDDRyl http://t.co/uPxhtcQZwB

  14. Is there any greater reminder of endless depth of Dodgers' pockets than bench of Crawford, Puig, Rollins, Utley? Talk about excess.

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  18. Mattingly can't PH for Ellis here with Puig because he has no catchers left.

  19. Don Mattingly doesn't have any frustration because of the season Yasiel Puig had. http://t.co/F3FczDDRyl http://t.co/6ruBh4bA5X

  20. Column http://t.co/GhWeU5yP5G #Dodgers failed to advance despite $300M-plus payroll. So what do they do know. Greinke, Mattingly, Puig

  21. Wondering what the Dodgers will do with Mattingly, Greinke, and Puig? Find out (via Joel Sherman) - http://t.co/d6SysK4syx

  22. ICYMI Column 2 http://t.co/GhWeU5yP5G #Dodgers failed to advance despite $300M-plus payroll. So what now? Greinke, Mattingly, Puig

  23. Yasiel Puig ranked as one of the disappointments, who else joined him? @DNMattB examines. https://t.co/uScG3RCERY https://t.co/59YTbiKuUO

  24. My favorite Don Mattingly quote in 5 yrs was spring 2013 when he was asked how could they send Puig to minors. "Usually we'd just tell him."

  25. Inside Baseball: on mattingly talks, marlins, ozuna, puig, heyward, 2 hollands, boox prospects, etc https://t.co/28yae5ICbW

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  29. Yasiel Puig snapped a pic working out with Miguel Cabrera. That’s quite an impressive duo. https://t.co/A0YmXp1zbD https://t.co/psGN3pcNqx

  30. ICYMI: Daily Credits: Kershaw’s World Series Chances? and Puig’s new workout buddy. https://t.co/6T6ZqR85vv

  31. Andrew Freidman said main focus for Yasiel Puig this offseason is "Putting his body in the position to play 150-plus games."

  32. Friedman called Yasiel Puig, Joc Pederson, Yasmani Grandal "three big wild cards heading into 2016 season." Expects them to be part of club

  33. Andrew Friedman said #Dodgers are more or less set offensively. Counting on Puig, Grandal, Pederson to have bounce-back seasons.

  34. RE Puig's 2015: Friedman raised question of whether he has gotten too big, "may not be optimal size for him to play 150-plus games" #Dodgers

  35. Andrew Friedman called Puig, Pederson and Grandal "three big wild cards," but said he's incredibly optimistic they bounce back in 2016.

  36. Friedman basically said Puig has to become leaner to withstand rigors of an entire season.

  37. Andrew Friedman thinks Yasiel Puig should consider trimming down. Do you agree? https://t.co/Yz9UPiFbWE https://t.co/wPBhrBDDQL

  38. Dodgers want Yasiel Puig to lose weight, writes Dylan Hernandez https://t.co/PHGiP1UDDY

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  40. Dodgers want Yasiel Puig to shed some weight this offseason https://t.co/V4PbmITkzN https://t.co/fmXdtjlKcj

  41. The Dodgers want Yasiel Puig to lose weight, writes Dylan Hernandez. https://t.co/4p3myh1sl8

  42. Dodgers want Puig to lose weight in order to remain healthy https://t.co/6E6WylE4ft https://t.co/OjjW7kf6PW

  43. Dodgers want Yasiel Puig to lose weight this offseason in order to remain healthy. https://t.co/jXnZsTN4Pe https://t.co/nWgFFvm8Jw

  44. The fact so many people are questioning my favorite Dodger right now is why Puig is up there for me. https://t.co/QrI7TCgcyw

  45. #Dodgers would like to see Yasiel Puig in better shape and Joc Pederson working with instructor https://t.co/2DOnHmMok7

  46. ICYMI #Dodgers would like to see Yasiel Puig in better shape and Joc Pederson working with instructor this winter https://t.co/2DOnHmMok7

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