1. Vikings inactives for #MINvsDEN pic.twitter.com/0u6XZ1PLAs

  2. Vikings' Xavier Rhodes helps limit Atlanta's Julio Jones https://t.co/mqFrH0abrE #Vikings #NFL

  3. Xavier Rhodes drew a tough assignment Sunday: limiting Julio Jones. The result, from @markcraignfl https://t.co/3mBHNOyfDE

  4. S/o to the #vikes love how we fight #skill anthonybarr @xavierrhodes29_ biggoon98 @brian_robison… https://t.co/iy1MNl0FqP

  5. Awesome game today by #Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes, who held Julio to 5-56 and had tight coverage on Jones' catches. Best game all year by XR.

  6. Xavier Rhodes is following Julio Jones early.

  7. Is it worth it to have the #Vikings shadow Julio Jones with Xavier Rhodes? The numbers: https://t.co/CIqczgvvih https://t.co/QtR4htnuN1

  8. Is it worth it to have the #Vikings shadow Julio Jones with Xavier Rhodes? The numbers: https://t.co/CC18lQqbCb https://t.co/Id2crl0xGl

  9. #Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes is concerned about good friend Rams WR Stedman Bailey, who was shot, but says doing better https://t.co/fj2RI5Tlyg

  10. #Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes is highly impressed with the NFL's leading receiver and he should be: https://t.co/DRW9JYUi2P

  11. #Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes is highly impressed with the NFL's leading receiver and he should be: https://t.co/KTLUmDkI0f

  12. #Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes said he has talked to mutual friends with Stedman Bailey and Rams WR is "doing good right now... doing better.''

  13. #Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes praying for Rams WR Stedman Bailey after his close friend was shot in Florida. See https://t.co/dU1Hg6VIna

  14. #Vikings' DBs coach Jerry Gray breaks out the boxing gloves Monday for penalty-prone cornerback Xavier Rhodes http://t.co/pI3O9IsvGc

  15. Vikings put boxing gloves on Xavier Rhodes at practice http://t.co/14WqJTx4LO

  16. Two #Vikings players, Xavier Rhodes and Everson Griffen, are among nine most-penalized in NFL: https://t.co/4r0Sg6T6Xn

  17. "I'm not going to change the way he plays." - Coach Zimmer on @XavierRhodes29_ physicality. https://t.co/YREZucPyGP https://t.co/PS4kY9d7DS

  18. Despite penalties, Coach Zimmer wants @XavierRhodes29_ to remain physical and aggressive. https://t.co/U4r9kW1tPT https://t.co/ZC8orRyqCB

  19. #Vikings seeking to make Xavier Rhodes a less-grabby CB. Jerry Gray believes $39 spent on boxing gloves will pay off https://t.co/QeAk5eRmDP

  20. "Coach Zim changed a lot of guys mentally." - @XavierRhodes29_ WATCH: https://t.co/iE0ZugJdYE https://t.co/Q1Sv8lHCtV

  21. As offenses 'attack' Xavier Rhodes' weaknesses, #Vikings want him to develop a counterpunch https://t.co/2jTv4N9ixM

  22. The curious case of Xavier Rhodes, who is the #Vikings' most-targeted cornerback in his third, uneven season https://t.co/2jTv4MRH9c

  23. Zimmer said he saw poor technique from Xavier Rhodes on TD catch Sunday. Where do you want to see him improve? "Concentration."

  24. Amari Cooper vs. Xavier Rhodes for your afternoon #footballporn

  25. Standard fine for illegal hit; Xavier Rhodes got the same fine for a horse-collar tackle earlier this year. https://t.co/xulwwxEDTa

  26. The best plays are when something impossible looks easy, like Xavier Rhodes tackling Todd Gurley in the open field https://t.co/6zWGDVihhs

  27. Brandon Browner holds the NFL penalty lead by seven with 17. Only led by one before Week 8. Xavier Rhodes is way in the rearview with 10.

  28. Xavier Rhodes, who saved what could've been a big run by Girley, is the injured Viking.

  29. Xavier Rhodes prevents what could have been a long gain with great tackle on Todd Gurley.

  30. Will Xavier Rhodes (No. 29) get his first interception before Jason Pominville (No. 29) every scores a goal again? #Vikings. #mnwild

  31. #Vikings Xavier Rhodes has mentor in ex-NFL CB Terrell Buckley who taught him corner & still teaches him about life: https://t.co/1YAcQnyPHx

  32. That was the kind of move that Calvin Johnson used on Xavier Rhodes last week, pulling him in and getting the call. This time, no call.

  33. #Bears convert fourth-and-1 with a pass to Alshon Jeffery against Xavier Rhodes. Quick passing game keeping #Vikings blitzes at bay.

  34. Good coverage by Xavier Rhodes. Better throw by Cutler. Best catch by Alshon. Impressive.

  35. Alshon Jeffery with a hell of a catch over Xavier Rhodes to knot the score up at 10-10 just before halftime.