1. Happy Birthday and all the best, @XabiAlonso! Have a great day.  https://t.co/Nb2NHxqWMB

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  6. Happy Birthday to an absolute legend! Enjoy your day, @XabiAlonso!  #da27 https://t.co/GcHfflKXNV

  7. There's no such thing as a day off: @XabiAlonso was working hard earlier today ⚽ http://t.co/nIb0kPpLE0

  8. Decent start from the boys. @XabiAlonso's free kick just clears the target with the game's first chance. #SVWFCB 0-0 http://t.co/zAWfiBJmWu

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  12. Bestia negra? Pink phanters! @XabiAlonso @esmuellert_ http://t.co/IEmG5viTbY

  13. That was it from @XabiAlonso and @esmuellert_! Next up: #Pep! #ARSFCB http://t.co/CYjfEbmYmT

  14. Double change for #FCBayern: @XabiAlonso and @kingarturo23 off, #Kimmich and @R13_official on! #ARSFCB 0-0 (71')

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  18. Benatia returns to the squad after two months out, much to the pleasure of @XabiAlonso! 1 hour to go until #WOBFCB! https://t.co/WcvK9uUr1o

  19. Next change for #FCBayern! @XabiAlonso off for @kingarturo23! #WOBFCB 0-3

  20. Delicious free kick from @XabiAlonso to the back post, but Coquelin just clears ahead of #Lewy. #FCBARS 1-0 https://t.co/JRYUZQhQdi

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  22. Too bad you're not allow to score from off the pitch, eh @XabiAlonso?  #S04FCB https://t.co/WbHZbzAmCU

  23. Four changes to #FCBVfB: @Javi8martinez, @MedhiBenatia, @XabiAlonso & @philipplahm all in the starting XI! #S04FCB https://t.co/lfmu3k7E4D