1. Bayley On Working With Charlotte, Her Legacy In WWE, Sara Del Rey

    Alexandra Irving Written by Alexandra Irving about 10 days ago 1,415 reads 2 comments

  2. WWE Programming's Best Match for Week of May 9

    In truth, this wasn't a banner week for match quality across WWE programming. However, given the schedule set for the next few weeks, that's not so surprising...

    Brad Jones Written by Brad Jones about 10 days ago 3,444 reads 12 comments

  3. Payback, Charlotte and Latest WWE News and Rumors from Ring Rust Radio

    Ring Rust Radio is the best wrestling show on the airwaves, and this week was no different. With strong opinions on Payback, Elimination Chamber and more, this is where you need to go to get all of your weekly WWE nuggets...

    Mike  Chiari Written by Mike Chiari about 10 days ago 28,436 reads 26 comments

  4. WWE Must Continue to Make Tag Team Division More Relevant

    WWE 's tag team division is finally getting interesting again, but we have been here before. The company will put some effort into making the division more relevant, only to drop the ball after a few months...

    The Doctor Chris Mueller Written by The Doctor Chris Mueller about 10 days ago 10,157 reads 56 comments

  5. Neville as Intercontinental Champion Would Give the Division an Identity

    Prior to forfeiting the WWE Intercontinental Championship on Monday's Raw, Daniel Bryan listed off names of budding midcarders who are more deserving of the title...

    Alfred Konuwa Written by Alfred Konuwa about 10 days ago 9,998 reads 56 comments

  6. WWE Payback 2015: Power Ranking Most Likely Winners in Fatal 4-Way Match

    Sunday night, WWE will present its May pay-per-view extravaganza Payback. The main event pits four of the brightest stars in the WWE Universe against each other as Seth Rollins ...

    Erik Beaston Written by Erik Beaston about 10 days ago 20,646 reads 36 comments

  7. WWE Payback 2015: Match Card, Potential Spoilers, Predictions and More

    Don't be surprised if WWE Payback 2015 feels like a transitional show. The event marks the beginning of a string of pay-per-views bunched together...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 10 days ago 34,718 reads 38 comments

  8. Breaking Down the Best and Worst of the WWE for Week of May 11

    WWE may be having trouble getting fans geared up for Payback, but NXT stars past and present had no issue wowing the crowd. Neville became the latest man to flourish under the spotlight that comes with taking on John Cena ...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 10 days ago 14,444 reads 17 comments

  9. WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of May 11

    The sports world overlapped with the sports entertainment one in much of the best WWE social media content of the week. The overly discussed Deflategate controversy found its way onto Kofi Kingston's Twitter account...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 10 days ago 3,646 reads 3 comments

  10. WWE Payback 2015: Final Picks and Predictions for All Matches on the Card

    After Thursday's edition of SmackDown, the final card has been locked in for WWE Payback 2015. All seven matches on the main show have now been confirmed, some of which will have a defining outcome on the shape of WWE moving into summer...

    Aaron Bower Written by Aaron Bower about 10 days ago 9,532 reads 3 comments

  11. WWE NXT Big Board: Updated Prospect Rankings and Analysis for May 15

    Baron Corbin continues to press a deep imprint into the WWE NXT landscape. Fans who packed into Full Sail University for Wednesday's NXT saw him continue his upward charge...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 10 days ago 3,916 reads 9 comments

  12. Jesse Sorensen Talks Feelings Toward Zema Ion, TNA Release, WWE Aspirations

    On the recent episode of the Pancakes and Powerslams Show , I had the pleasure to have Paragon Pro Wrestling heavyweight champion and former TNA X Division star Jesse Sorensen ...

    Chris Featherstone Written by Chris Featherstone about 10 days ago 11,675 reads 1 comments

  13. WWE Payback: Last-Minute Preview and Predictions for Top Matches at PPV

    WWE Payback is live from Baltimore this Sunday. Who will come out on top when John Cena faces Rusev in an "I Quit" Match? Can Seth Rollins retain the WWE World ...

    Team Stream Now Written by Team Stream Now about 11 days ago 30,198 reads 63 comments

  14. WWE SmackDown Results: Biggest Winners, Losers and Moments from May 14

    Dean Ambrose is the hottest Superstar on the WWE roster heading into Payback this Sunday night, and on this week's SmackDown he proved why...

    Erik Beaston Written by Erik Beaston about 11 days ago 26,898 reads 33 comments

  15. Rusev Will Use Lana Against John Cena at WWE Payback

    Rusev is very close to finishing his rivalry with John Cena . Their upcoming match at Payback will likely be the last one of the series, and fans everywhere are surely dialing in their picks for who's going over on May 17...

    Tom Clark Written by Tom Clark about 11 days ago 16,931 reads 38 comments

  16. WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 14

    Every week on Bleacher Report, I take an in-depth look at WWE SmackDown to recap the action, offer analysis and grade the matches, segments and anything else that takes place on the show, as well as offer a few predictions for future events...

    The Doctor Chris Mueller Written by The Doctor Chris Mueller about 11 days ago 12,264 reads 44 comments

  17. Sheamus Slated to Be Next IC Champ?

    WWE's resident Celtic Warrior Sheamus may be the next WWE Intercontinental Champion according to recent WWE Live Event advertisements...

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  18. WWE Shouldn't Reunite The Shield, Wyatts

    Varoon Bose Written by Varoon Bose about 11 days ago 9,065 reads 4 comments

  19. Grantland: Bryan, Rose and Heartbreak in Wrestling

    The Reality Era may have started with CM Punk — the wrestler who wasn't seen as main-event material by WWE bigwigs.....

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  20. Ziggler Hangs Out with Britney Spears in Vegas

    Dolph Ziggler got up close and personal with Britney Spears at her show last night at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Ziggler spoke to WWE.com about the experience and revealed how he wound up face to face with the pop singer...

    Varoon Bose Written by Varoon Bose about 11 days ago 5,827 reads 3 comments

  21. Kidd Talks Pre-Match Rituals, Savage and More

    WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd recently spoke with the folks at Atlantic City Weekly to promote this weekend's WWE live event in the local area. Below are some highlights from the interview...

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  22. Foley: Give Adam Rose a Chance

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  23. WWE Star John Cena Shares Video of Himself Squatting 396 Pounds

    They might not be able to shoot a basketball like Kevin Durant or hit a baseball like Giancarlo Stanton, but WWE Superstars are supreme athletes. Update from Friday, May 15 It was originally reported that Cena was squatting 600 pounds...

    Thomas Duffy Written by Thomas Duffy about 11 days ago 544,783 reads 270 comments

  24. Vince Open to Another Chicago WrestleMania

    There are rumors every year about which city will host Wrestlemania, but Chicago, known as one of, if not the best wrestling market in the country, rarely seems to be in the mix, as of late...

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  25. Video: Cena Reportedly Squats 600 Pounds

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