Application Tips and Guidelines

Welcome to the B/R Writer Program Application—and congratulations on having come so close to membership in the Web's most exclusive club of talented and entertaining sports journalists.

Before you dive in...

All Writer Program candidates must be logged in to their B/R user accounts in order to access the application form. If you aren't a registered B/R user, you'll need to sign up before you apply.

If you're looking for more information about the Writer Program, be sure to review The 5 Best Reasons To Write for Bleacher Report—and don't miss the video summaries of our publishing process, our distribution system, and our value proposition to writers.

If you're ready to take the plunge by submitting an application, you can maximize your chances of acceptance by heeding three key bits of advice as you prepare your writing sample:

  • Focus Your Effort

    Your writing sample should take the form of an article that you'd expect us to publish on B/R today. To that end, you'll want to choose a timely and compelling sports-related topic—and you'll also want to be sure that your submission meets the criteria outlined in our Content Standards and Attribution Guidelines.

  • Showcase Your Skill

    We're looking for candidates who can present well-reasoned opinions in well-crafted prose. In order to make the best possible first impression, you should study our Style Guide for tips on the finer points of online composition.

  • Polish Your Work

    As should go without saying, our Writer Admissions Team doesn't look kindly on applications with spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors. More to the point, only a select fraction of applicants are accepted into the Writer Program, and there's an extended waiting period before any rejected candidate can reapply—so please be sure that you put your best foot forward when you submit your writing sample.

Still not sure what we expect?

For an in-depth discussion of the application process, check out "How To Create a Writing Sample That Will Get You into B/R" on the B/R Blog.

Above all else, remember that the Writer Program Application is the only basis we have for judging prospective candidates. We really do want to welcome you into Bleacher Report's community of high-achieving authors—but before we roll out the red carpet, you have to meet us halfway by showing that you can uphold the standards set by the folks who came before you.

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Bleacher Report by the Numbers

Average Acceptance Rate
No more than 15 percent of applicants are accepted in any given month—and the number is often much lower.

Average Experience Level
Most accepted applicants have at least several years of formal journalism work or education to their credit.

Average Response Time
We typically process applications within 7-10 business days, with occasional delays during peak periods.

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