1. Magnus Ends Britain's Wait and Wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

    TNA's Magnus has become the first ever British competitor to win the World Heavyweight Championship for a major American wrestling organisation...

    Chris Wilkerson Written by Chris Wilkerson about 4 months ago 3,551 reads 10 comments

  2. 10 Most Bizarre WWE Match Stipulations

    Throughout the years, WWE has provided some absolutely ridiculous matches. "Ridiculous" can be applied in many different ways, too. Some matches have been ridiculously good...

    Aaron Bower Written by Aaron Bower about 6 months ago 2,233 reads 6 comments

  3. William Regal, Shawn Spears and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

    William Regal continues to shape the prospects at WWE NXT, a group that grew over the week. Shawn Spears, a recent rehire, got a new name. The developmental he is a part of now must look a lot different to him than it did back in 2009...

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 6 months ago 13,160 reads 40 comments

  4. CM Punk and the Best Past and Current WWE Superstars to Follow on Twitter

    Yesterday, Sports Illustrated released their third annual "Twitter 100" list of the best sports-related Twitter accounts to follow...

    David Bixenspan Written by David Bixenspan about 7 months ago 21,444 reads 47 comments

  5. WWE Rumors: Examining Latest Buzz Around Rob Van Dam, William Regal and More

    The week in WWE rumors has William Regal in line for a new gig and Rob Van Dam on the way out. Regal's name has come up in the numerous reports on Jim Ross' retirement, while Van Dam may well be done wowing WWE audiences for the time being..

    Ryan Dilbert Written by Ryan Dilbert about 7 months ago 22,682 reads 34 comments

  6. WWE Flashback Friday: What If William Regal Wasn't Suspended While Raw GM?

    Every Friday, I analyze past storylines that were altered by real-life instances, including injuries, suspensions and more. In this series of articles, I predict what would have happened in the angle had it gone as originally planned...

    Graham GSM Matthews Written by Graham GSM Matthews about 7 months ago 13,253 reads 31 comments

  7. WWE: William Regal Should Feud with Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett

    Upon his return to the ring last September, the rejuvenated Wade Barrett announced his intentions to reclaim his spot atop the SmackDown roster. After scoring several squash victories on both brands, Barrett looked to be headed on the right track...

    Graham GSM Matthews Written by Graham GSM Matthews about 11 months ago 593 reads 81 comments