1. Will Venable to center field, Ryan Strausborger to left field for #Rangers.

  2. Delino DeShields has departed the game after an apparent injury. Will Venable has replaced him in CF, Ryan Strausborger in at LF.

  3. Tuesday at SEA: Venable 8, Choo 9, Fielder DH, Beltre 5, Moreland 3, Andrus 6, Odor 4, Gallo 7, Gimenez 2, Hamels 1.

  4. #Rangers lineup with Venable for the still-sore DeShields and Gallo getting another shot at LF https://t.co/tAm9pa3CMn

  5. #Rangers lineup (no DeShields): Venable, cf; Choo, rf; Fielder, dh; Beltre, 3b; Moreland, 1b; Andrus, ss; Odor, 2b; Gallo, lf; Gimenez, c.

  6. Will Venable steps into the box and we are underway in Seattle!

  7. It is 7-1. Venable has reached base three times tonight. Scored once. Driven home one. Not a bad short-term solution at leadoff

  8. Will Venable RBI double! Rangers now lead it 7-1 in the 6th.

  9. Here was last night's early column on importance of DeShields - before Venable reached base 3x - http://t.co/uKupJ83H5U

  10. Just FYI on Venable: He's career .227 hitter with .285 OBP and .621 OPS against LHPs. He's a platoon guy. Don't ask guys to play out of role

  11. Good night Rangers Twitter. I'm sure tomorrow if Gallo/Venable struggle against Felix, we'll be fielding ?s about where Straus & Stubbs are.

  12. Thursday at SEA: Venable 8, Choo 9, Fielder DH, Beltre 5, Moreland 3, Odor 4, Andrus 6, Gallo 7, Wilson 2, Holland 1

  13. A's leave them loaded in the 8th. Due up for TEX: Fielder, Napoli, & Venable. Rangers 9, A's 4. #LetsGoRangers

  14. Venable 2 for 21; Straus 2 for 23, Stubbs 0 for 10 as a Ranger. That's an .074 BA. https://t.co/G8slZbQDdl

  15. Joey Gallo replaced in left field by Will Venable to start the sixth. Derek Holland not replaced. He's at 91 pitches.

  16. Venable singles off the Sleestack. (Press box fumes now getting to me).

  17. Will Venable pinch runs for Napoli at first base. So, this will be three games in which Napoli's defense has not cost Rangers a run in LF.

  18. I think Venable, Stubbs or Strausborger make the catch. But no, it wasn't just a routine fly ball https://t.co/XLjnjEZdCr

  19. Mike Napoli's night also done. Will Venable enters in left fielder.

  20. Leadoff double amounts to nothing. Go to 7th, Rangers lead 3-2. Kela in to pitch, Venable replaces Napoli

  21. Not going to have Venable hit for Napoli here?

  22. Seems awfully strange, though, to have Napoli hit against a RHP, then immediately remove him for Venable.

  23. So, Venable here?

  24. The new left fielder is Will Venable.

  25. Venable makes leaping catch at wall in LF. Smart timing.

  26. Venable stretched out to get Marte in the 5th. http://t.co/wTvgOxv4GS

  27. Sunday vs. SEA: Venable 7, Choo 9, Fielder DH, Beltre 5, Moreland 3, Odor 4, Andrus 6, Wilson 2, Stubbs 8, Holland 1

  28. With Stubbs/Venable in lineup today, Martin gives Rangers extra pinch running option if needed.

  29. A 5-4-3 DP to end the top of the 1st. Venable is ready to step into the box to get the Rangers offense going. #LetsGoRangers

  30. Think he was expecting Venable to get a bunt down. Something somewhere didn't go right. https://t.co/IePsQ82sgk

  31. Napoli starts sixth with an infield hit and is replaced by Will Venable.

  32. Back-to-back hits from Venable and Choo put the Rangers ahead 10-3!

  33. Thursday at OAK: DeShields 8, Choo 9, Fielder DH, Beltre 5, Moreland 3, Andrus 6, Odor 4, Venable 7, Gimenez 2, Hamels 1

  34. Up 6-0, Mike Napoli is removed for Will Venable. #Rangers looking to improve to 7-1 with Napoli as their starting left fielder.

  35. Two innings tonight for Mike Napoli. He's out to start the third with #Rangers up 6-4. Will Venable in.

  36. Mike Napoli looked decent shagging shallow flyballs this afternoon during some practice in left field, but not as good as Will Venable there

  37. Josh Hamilton removed for defense after the seventh. Will Venable and his two healthy knees now in left field.

  38. #Rangers removed Josh Hamilton for defense, so Will Venable will bat second in the ninth.