1. Will Hill with great open-field stop on Bell.... 4th-and-1 at 33. Scobee NOT coming out for 50yd try #RavensTalk

  2. Will Hill has been balling...great last name too

  3. Will Hill also played big and young tight ends acclimated themselves well

  4. Justin Forsett... Jeremy Hill... Always start your studs.

  5. Ravens safety Will Hill talks 2015 season, fining refs and more http://t.co/XdApHWlqQW http://t.co/ILtfOIkep0

  6. McCown with nice throw to Benjamin vs. Will Davis. Will Hill was coming on blitz #RavensTalk

  7. Oh my. McCown throws up a floater that Barnidge somehow catches between his legs, while lying on the ground, after it hits Will Hill. TD

  8. Will Hill was also awful on that series. I don't care what #PFF comes up with.

  9. My mistake on last tweet. Will Davis is done for year. Will Hill is fine. #RavensTalk

  10. Linebacker Daryl Smith (383) and Safety Will Hill (383) have played the most snaps on defense for the #Ravens through five games.

  11. With Jimmy Smith, Will Hill and Marshal Yanda now signed, that leaves Kelechi Osemele, Courtney Upshaw and Justin Tucker as top FAs.

  12. #Ravens have locked up Yanda, J. Smith and Will Hill. K.O., Upshaw and Tucker remain top FA's following 2015 season.

  13. The 49ers 2-point conversion fails, as Colin Kaepernick's pass gets picked off by Will Hill. Ravens trail 25-13 with 10:52 remaining.

  14. Will Hill picks off a desperate Kaepernick throw on the two point conversion.

  15. WILL. HILL.

  16. Ravens finally get a 3rd-down stop as Hill breaks up pass for Gates. Leads to 2nd punt, which goes out of bounds at BAL3. #RavensTalk

  17. #Jaguars on 3rd-12, completes pass to Walters, fantastic catch despite big hit by Hill. But #Ravens penalized for illegal hit. Huge break

  18. Dumervil was not fined for his facemask, an infraction that usually gets fine. Will Hill and Asa Jackson not fined for their personal fouls

  19. Will Hill breaks down his big hit: https://t.co/huFVkQD5pJ You know the one. https://t.co/VYx597dk4m

  20. Touchdown Jaguars. Allen Robinson scores after a flag on Will Hill for a hit to the head keeps the drive alive.

  21. Fans irate over Will Hill penalty, but in 2015, called every time. And if Ross doesn't muff punt, Jags don't even have the ball. #RavensTalk

  22. First and 10 for the Jaguars at the Ravens 14 after hit by Will Hill

  23. VIDEO: Ravens' Will Hill channels his inner @steveaustinBSR with a HUGE takedown! https://t.co/C6rOlZGY66 https://t.co/JclB7lQHMr

  24. Ravens safety Will Hill with another big hit https://t.co/bLyUyC0qE6 https://t.co/OyhLtwtQBG

  25. Will Hill makes big hit on Bryan Walters, but he had already picked up 17 yards on completion. #Jaguars on move. #RavensTalk

  26. Will Hill is playing up at line of scrimmage and rushing the QB a lot on Jags first 3 drives.

  27. Hey there, Will Hill. #RavensTalk

  28. How badly do the Ravens need turnovers? Will Hill said struggles affect "the reputation of this organization." https://t.co/DS1aIVbohC

  29. How badly do the Ravens need turnovers? Will Hill said struggles affect "the reputation of this organization." https://t.co/D4V83nScQt

  30. Baltimore Ravens safety Will Hill one of the league's best at halfway point https://t.co/d7xpPALHNr https://t.co/kXW15SNvu6

  31. Will Hill flagged for knocking the ball away from the TE. Ball's feelings are hurt and the refs had to throw the yellow hanky

  32. Nice play by safety Will Hill to break up a third-down pass intended for Antonio Gates. The pass breakup forced the Chargers to punt.

  33. And his name is WILL HILL!  Great stop.

  34. Really nice play by Will Hill to knock the ball out of Gates' hands. Chargers punt for just second time.

  35. Unnecessary roughness called on S Will Hill for throwing Melvin Gordon to turf. That didn't seem blatant. Harbaugh furious. @RavensTalk

  36. And now an unnecessary roughness call on Will Hill for pile driving Gordon to the turf.

  37. Will Hill called for unncessary roughness and Harbaugh is letting the head linesman have it. He is irate. #RavensTalk

  38. Will Hill breaks up the pass with thunderous hit. That was Palmer's first incompletion of the game. Now 5-for-6 #RavensTalk