1. A team that hasn't been able to force turnovers for two years - has forced two today. Chris Baker smashes Matt Ryan. Will Compton recovers

  2. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  3. FUMBLE! Will Compton comes up with the football! Chris Baker with the strip on Matt Ryan! #HTTR #WASvsATL http://t.co/zg4rYMlkDu

  4. ATL drive ends on Matt Ryan fumble. Forced by CBaker; Will Compton recovered, limiting damage of Cousins' INT. BUT under review

  5. Will Compton is playing in the nickel today. Has been active. Like this move; he has graded out well and can help. Rarely out of position.

  6. Wasn't just Darrel Young on block.. also, Tom Compton in for jumbo set.. held block at line.. #Redskins cash in.. #RedskinsTalk..

  7. You knew that was happening. Ryan has gone to freeman in short yardage passing situations. Compton couldn't hang.

  8. Will Compton beat on the slant. Devonta Freeman has killed them all day. #Falcons go up 18-16 with :51 to go.

  9. Riley comes out. Compton comes in.

  10. Redskins coach Jay Gruden: 'We've got to turn up the heat' also comments on riley/Compton job https://t.co/m1xK1FxIBc

  11. Compton, Johnson will see more action on Sunday #Redskins https://t.co/XYezjC8362 #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/JbkCm0cZh1

  12. I do not think compton's starting is because of an injury to others. Coaches feel he has earned more time. So he's getting it

  13. Compton and Riley starting at ILB. Robinson inactive. https://t.co/i7pAvZccAl

  14. Holding on #Saints bails out #Redskins on interception. Pass was to ol' reliable…Tom Compton? Uh. Wow. Ok

  15. Compton is back in the game.

  16. Cousins' first choice was Reed, but he got held at the line (and drew a flag) so Cousins went to Compton.

  17. Game day notes...Redskins hope Will Compton's vocal skills improve linebacker play https://t.co/9Q406ELKiU

  18. Olsen wide open. Compton didn't run with him. Not clear if he was expecting help over top or what.

  19. Gruden plans to stick with inside linebackers Compton and Riley and center LeRibeus https://t.co/9Di8K794Fs

  20. Will Compton and Perry Riley Jr will remain as starting ILBs for now with Keenan Robinson still limited.

  21. Will Compton and Perry Riley still the starting ILBs because KRobinson was limited today Gruden says.

  22. COMPTON!!! https://t.co/6fzeHtgbvg

  23. day late but... 5 observations: Will Compton, Redskins' defensive line lead charge vs. Saints https://t.co/jIfmniIA4H

  24. Will Compton hits hole fast. 60 off double team of Golston early. Allows two defenders to be in good position. 1 Yd https://t.co/ZokeHVcVHX

  25. NEW: Why Will Compton could end up staying in the starting lineup: https://t.co/JwUVFADCol #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/F4gZoRSAZL

  26. Gruden says LB Will Compton played "extremely well" Sunday in place of an injured Keenan Robinson; says he's earned his playing time.

  27. Gruden has high praise for Will Compton. Says he'll face tough call when all 3 ILBs healthy; he imagines Compton will be 1 (of 2 starters)

  28. Jay Gruden says ILB Will Compton played "extremely well" vs. #Saints and that when Keenan Robinson is healthy they'll have a tough decision

  29. I didn't realize it yesterday, but Tom Compton ran out on a pass route. Cousins was going for him on that tipped-INT that got called back.

  30. Will Compton to Cousins: "The crowd was chanting 'You like that,' bro. That's when you know."

  31. Mason Foster coming into the game with Will Compton banged up. l

  32. For what it's worth and I know @Russellmania621 said the same thing but it does not appear to be a one game start for Will Compton.

  33. Keenan Robinson inactive. Will Compton starting. #RedskinsTalk

  34. Redskins LB Will Compton: Kedric Golston's pregame talks 'feed my soul' https://t.co/Y8gDzniHFm

  35. LB Will Compton to start, but Redskins won't make change at center https://t.co/I6uM761sAA

  36. inside an NFL pre-game locker room:Redskins LB Will Compton: Kedric Golston's pregame talks 'feed my soul' https://t.co/Y8gDzniHFm

  37. DHall is listed as questionable, but remains adamant that he'll play. As reported all week, Will Compton to start at one of the ILB spots.

  38. As others have noted will Compton told us that he will start Sunday.

  39. ILB Will Compton says he will start on Sunday. Seems likely for Keenan Robinson, who is questionable. #Redskins #Saints

  40. Wait and see on ILB Will Compton. Could start depending on health of Keenan Robinson (shoulder)