1. Report: Ireland's Simmons to Be Named New WI Coach

    Phil Simmons is poised to take over as head coach of West Indies in time for their three-Test series against England starting on 13 April.....

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  2. West Indies vs. UAE: Highlights, Scorecard, Report from Cricket World Cup

    West Indies are on the cusp of reaching the World Cup quarter-finals after a six-wicket victory over UAE in Napier, a win highlighted by Wellington News: That's it! #WI win ...

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  3. Chris Gayle in Doubt for Sunday's Match vs. UAE

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  4. Cricket World Cup: West Indies Let Down by Shocking Chris Gayle Innings

    The West Indies won the toss in their latest Cricket World Cup game against India and chose to bat, with opener Chris Gayle surely desperate to unleash his usual aggressive strokes...

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  5. Charles Steps into Squad, Replaces Bravo

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