1. Wayne Ellington finds his locker wayne_elli's photo https://t.co/tHV2sWaFpd

  2. They see me rolling... @WayneElli22 #Nets https://t.co/m6JpB44OHY http://t.co/8X5gEfqevI

  3. Home, Away & #BKBlueNights: @WayneElli22 is Brooklyn ready. #Nets http://t.co/7032KD3tcl

  4. 10 Things to Know about Wayne Ellington: http://t.co/IhIMCyt6x2 @WayneElli22 #Nets http://t.co/0otKOB6IQb

  5. Wayne Ellington: Brooklyn #Nets "a lovely spot" for me http://t.co/4SbefNUpvI http://t.co/k1qLI5nRb3

  6. Don't forget. Head over to our Instagram to see #NetsMediaDay from @ShowtimeReed33's point of view! @WayneElli22 http://t.co/14jEe8rDkp

  7. LIVE on #Periscope: Wayne Ellington at Nets Media Day https://t.co/TajtMTsaf8

  8. How many days until opening night, @WayneElli22? #BrooklynRepresent http://t.co/CmUdyzybfU

  9. Taking a trip down memory lane with @WayneElli22 to visit @UNC_Basketball after practice. #Nets #Champ https://t.co/EUbtIZOWPZ

  10. No stranger to North Carolina @WayneElli22 made a visit to @UNC_Basketball yesterday. Photos: http://t.co/TVlH1x3R7q http://t.co/OPlmmDOZRA

  11. Hear from @WayneElli22 about wrapping up #Nets Training Camp & visiting @UNC_Basketball: http://t.co/GVHCRNEGA7 http://t.co/ygsal9t3z0

  12. And another three! @WayneElli22 puts the #Nets up 26-23. #WaynesWorld

  13. Wayne Ellington showing off a deadly quick release on his three-pointers. Smooth looking stroke.

  14. Wayne Ellington has hit 3/3 from three thus far. #Nets up 32-31.

  15. With 4:51 left in the first half, #Nets trail @FBBasketbol 38-40. @WayneElli22 leads BK with 9pts in 11min of play.

  16. Wayne Ellington’s shot is butter. 16 points, 4-6 from 3PT. Nets trail 92-89.

  17. 21 more days until @WayneElli22 hits you up with that mid-air, behind-the-back feed. #Nets http://t.co/VDc6xT9BM1

  18. Your #Nets starters tonight in Detroit: @ShaneLarkin_3, @WayneElli22, @RondaeHJ24, @yungsmoove21 & Lopez.

  19. #Nets starters: Jarrett Jack, Wayne Ellington, Joe, Thad and Brook.

  20. Brooklyn #Nets Donald Sloan, Wayne Ellington solidifying reserve roles http://t.co/4HTgwjwdjy http://t.co/DI2ZKXMwfS

  21. Game face. @WayneElli22 #Nets http://t.co/CclarOfa3t

  22. #Nets starters: Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington, Joe Johnson, Thaddeus Young, Brook Lopez.

  23. Take flight. @WayneElli22 #Nets http://t.co/4ZGZyKvl8D

  24. In a game Lionel Hollins called a "dress rehearsal" for the regular season, Wayne Ellington starts at SG. Has been very good this month.

  25. New: Wayne Ellington: Nets Player Preview https://t.co/FzdwsFsojk #Nets

  26. What would a good season for @WayneElli22 look like? Well, it would thrive on the three ball: https://t.co/zIO9QJXCzq #Nets

  27. Other players expected to be dressed up at party: @Jarrettjack03 @iMarkelBrown22 @RondaeHJ24 @Trobinson0 @WayneElli22 plus Brooklynettes

  28. Wayne Ellington will be in the starting lineup. #Nets

  29. New: Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington to start for Nets opening night https://t.co/x760jYhFFE #Nets

  30. Lionel Hollins on Wayne Ellington starting: "He make shots and he's earned the right to be there." #Nets

  31. Your Brooklyn starters for #NetsOpeningNight: @ShaneLarkin_3, @WayneElli22, @TheJoeJohnson7, @yungsmoove21, Lopez.

  32. Here in Brooklyn, it's Derrick Rose/Jimmy Butler vs. Shane Larkin/Wayne Ellington in starting backcourt matchup. Advantage: leaning Bulls.

  33. Wayne Ellington may have lost his starting spot tonight: https://t.co/zSCIj2O2iS #Nets

  34. Wayne Ellington: The #Nets signed a sharpshooting wing player this offseason, right? https://t.co/oWSHB9F3CS

  35. Sharp shooting from @TheJoeJohnson7 @WayneElli22 & @iMarkelBrown22 this morning. #Nets https://t.co/9uuUHE6NCf