1. Bill Callahan 'Fired Up' to Be with Redskins

    For the past three seasons, the Washington Redskins have excelled in their use of the zone blocking scheme, establishing themselves as one of the better running teams in the league and twice sending running back Alfred Morris to the Pro Bowl...

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  2. Gruden on What Former Giants DC Perry Fewell Will Bring to Skins

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  3. Exploring Past Draft Trades to See What Redskins Can Expect

    My first reaction was: Not enough. It was just Peter King's mock draft for Sports Illustrated, and mocks are just speculation and a fun guessing game, but he had Philadelphia trading up to land the No...

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  4. Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden Have Everything They Want, Now They Must Win

    Do you suppose Washington Redskins team president Bruce Allen or head coach Jay Gruden read Oscar Wilde? If not, maybe they shouldn't start now before a pivotal second season where the pair will be out of excuses if they still don't win...

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