1. Redskins vs. Eagles: Complete Week 3 Preview for Washington

    While the Washington Redskins will enter their Week 3 bout against the Philadelphia Eagles with momentum on their side, after netting Jay Gruden his first NFL win as a head coach, they'll be without the services of their franchise quarterback...

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  2. Redskins' 3-4 Defense, Finally Built to Jim Haslett's Liking

    We momentarily interrupt our around-the-clock coverage of the Washington Redskins ' quarterback situation to focus on the team's defense. There's a lot to like about an improved unit that's off to a strong start...

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  3. How Kirk Cousins Differs from RGIII

    The play did not set up as a likely pass to Darrel Young. The fullback split out wide, a design to put Jacksonville 's defense in a little bind...

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  4. Redskins vs. Eagles: What Experts Are Saying About Washington

    Division rivalries often come with their own far-reaching storylines . This week, when the Washington Redskins travel to the unfriendly confines of Lincoln Financial field to face ...

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  5. Dan Snyder Gave Kevin Durant a Game Ball After Redskins-Jaguars Game

    It's been an exciting day for Kevin Durant on the ol' Instagram machine. A few hours after showing off his Natitude, Durant shared a.....

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  6. Haslett on Rambo: 'We Gave Him Every Opportunity'

    The Jaguars ' touchdown in Sunday's game proved to be the “dagger” that ended Bacarri Rambo's two-year tenure in Washington , defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said Thursday...

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  7. Pierre Garcon Confident in Offense with Kirk Cousins at Quarterback

    The Washington Redskins have a new man under center, and from this point forward, they likely will face much tougher opponents than Jacksonville . But wide receiver Pierre Garcon said he still expects his offense to succeed...

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  8. D-Hall Has Been Where DeSean Jackson Is This Week

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  9. Cousins Must Adjust to Jackson's Speed

    ASHBURN, Va. -- The transition to the backup took a little while; the big plays went down and the short catches increased. And then it returned to normal and DeSean Jackson once more became a downfield weapon...

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  10. Redskins-Eagles: 4 Keys to the Game

    Redskins .com's Andrew Walker breaks down the key players and matchups to keep an eye on during Sunday's Redskins- Eagles 2014 Week 3 showdown in Philadelphia.....

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  11. Gruden Wishes Sproles Went to the AFC

    While working to upgrade their roster this past spring, the Redskins made a brief pursuit of running back Darren Sproles , whom the New Orleans Saints had put on the trade block...

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  12. Dissecting Best Individual Matchups to Watch in Washington's Week 3 Action

    Despite the loss of quarterback Robert Griffin III , the blowout win against the Jacksonville Jaguars gives the Washington Redskins a morale boost going into their Week 3 battle with the Philadelphia Eagles ...

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  13. Washington Redskins vs Philadelphia Eagles: Breaking Down Washington's Game Plan

    There are two simple things the Washington Redskins can do to upset the Philadelphia Eagles on the road in Week 3. Neither of them involves the quarterback...

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  14. Cousins Gets Another--Perhaps Better--Opportunity with the Redskins

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  15. Cousins: I Can Be as Successful as Dalton

    When Kirk Cousins learned the news, he knew it would be good for him. He wasn't sure if he would get on the field, not with Robert Griffin III as the Washington Redskins ' quarterback...

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  16. When Sproles Replaces Shady, Jay Gruden Goes 'Oh [snap]'

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  17. Despite Injury, DeSean Jackson Says

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  18. Kirk Cousins Compares Himself to Dalton in Gruden's O

    Following Kirk Cousins' Week 2 extravaganza, the discussion immediately turned to whether he fits Jay Gruden's offense better than Robert Griffin III ...

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  19. LeSean McCoy Says DeSean Jackson Will Play Sunday

    DeSean Jackson wants to play in Philly on Sunday, everyone knows this, and he's said it multiple times this offseason...

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  20. Trade Value of Robert Griffin III Still 'Significant'

    The second major injury that quarterback Robert Griffin III has suffered during his NFL career has created an uncertain future for him and the Washington Redskins , with Kirk Cousins ...

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  21. Redskins vs. Eagles Questions–A Favorable Matchup for Kerrigan?

    Here is what you need to know on this Wednesday, September 17, four days before the Washington Redskins go to Philadelphia to play the Eagles ...

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  22. Kirk Cousins May Have What It Takes to Replace RG3 as Redskins Franchise QB

    All we know right now is that Washington Redskins franchise quarterback Robert Griffin III won't be available for several weeks. It could be longer, but the team hasn't been able to release a definitive timeline ...

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  23. Breaking Down Kirk Cousins Running Jay Gruden's Offense

    Kirk Cousins ' ability to run Jay Gruden 's offense is going to make or break the Washington Redskins season. The early signs are positive, at least based on the way Cousins directed an offense that scored 41 points in Week 2...

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  24. RGIII Was Showing Progress in Gruden's Scheme

    Kirk Cousins' impressive Week 2 performance in relief of an injured Robert Griffin III has left the football world wondering how the Washington Redskins will handle their quarterback situation going forward...

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  25. Simms: Redskins Offense 'Will Be More Successful' with Cousins

    With Robert Griffin III sidelined indefinitely with an ankle injury , Kirk Cousins has stepped in the starting role for Washington ...

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