1. 10 Reasons to Believe in the Washington Redskins in 2015

    In some social circles, Washington Redskins fans are notorious for boasting overconfidence in their team before every season. And the Redskins are notorious for losing. This year should be different...

    Charles Broaddus Written by Charles Broaddus about 1 month ago 3,221 reads 13 comments

  2. New Redskins NT Powe Will Compete for Roster Spot

    On Monday morning, Redskins president Bruce Allen indicated that the team is not done adding players. “We have our eyes set on some other players and we'll see what happens,” he said at...

    Zach Moretti Written by Zach Moretti about 1 month ago 176 reads 0 comments

  3. Washington Redskins Looking Down the Road at Future Stadium

    Noah Jampol Written by Noah Jampol about 1 month ago 1,598 reads 0 comments

  4. Why Jason Hatcher Will Finally Live Up to His Billing for Washington Redskins

    When you poach a Pro Bowler from a hated division rival, you expect a season's worth of making your enemy green with envy over what it's missing...

    James Dudko Written by James Dudko about 1 month ago 10,429 reads 35 comments

  5. Redskins Remove Seats from FedEx Field for Third Time in Five Seasons

    The Washington Redskins , who a few seasons ago boasted a waiting list for season tickets of more than 200,000 names, have removed thousands of seats from FedEx Field for the third ...

    Jack Dale Written by Jack Dale about 1 month ago 175 reads 0 comments