1. RGIII Was Showing Progress in Gruden's Scheme

    Kirk Cousins' impressive Week 2 performance in relief of an injured Robert Griffin III has left the football world wondering how the Washington Redskins will handle their quarterback situation going forward...

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  2. Ryan Kerrigan Talks Post-Sack Celebration

    Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan had a monster game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Redskins' 41-10 victory at FedExField, recording four sacks on quarterback Chad Henne...

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  3. New Faces Already Having an Impact for Washington Redskins Defense

    Granted it was only the Jacksonville Jaguars the Washington Redskins defense feasted on in Week 2. But there's no denying that there are signs of significant improvement on that side of the ball so far this season...

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  4. Redskins Waive Bacarri Rambo to Make Room for Brandon Meriweather

    The Washington Redskins have waived second-year safety Bacarri Rambo, his agent confirmed, to make room on the roster for Brandon Meriweather, whom the NFL just.....

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  5. Redskins Cut Bacarri Rambo

    Bacarri Rambo entered training camp in danger of not making the roster. But he showed the Redskins what they hoped to see -- an improved player who was more aggressive and a better tackler...

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  6. Redskins Snap Counts vs. Jaguars–A Heavy Workload for NilesPaul

    Here's a look at who played how much in Week 2 against the Jaguars (snap counts via the NFL ). Scroll to the bottom of the page for season to date snap counts for each player.....

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  7. Ryan Clark Unimpressed with Blowout Win

    ASHBURN, Va. -- Ryan Clark has a message for teammates: Don't be too impressed by Sunday. It's one not often delivered in Washington , but Clark wants them to know that Jacksonville is not a good team and what happened Sunday, well, should have...

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  8. Report: Redskins Waive Safety Bacarri Rambo

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  9. Kirk Cousins Might Have Profile to Fit West Coast Look for Coach Jay Gruden

    Kirk Cousins does his best work in the pocket, and that's where Washington Redskins Coach Jay Gruden wants Cousins to stay while he fills in for injured quarterback Robert Griffin III ...

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  10. Gruden Won't Speculate About Future RG3 vs. Cousins Questions

    The Redskins will be without the services of starting quarterback Robert Griffin III for an undetermined amount of time. He will be in a cast for a few weeks and then he will be evaluated after that...

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  11. Meriweather: Not Willing to Chance Another Ban

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  12. Washington Redskins Tie Franchise Record with 10 Sacks in Sunday's Win

    The Washington Redskins had 10 sacks in Sunday's 41-10 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars , matching a single-game franchise record, per the team's official twitter account ...

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  13. Kirk Cousins May Prove Better for Jay Gruden's Washington Redskins Offense

    Whisper it very, very quietly, but Kirk Cousins may prove to be the better fit for the Washington Redskins this season than Robert Griffin III . Specifically, he may fit head coach Jay Gruden 's offense better than Griffin ever could...

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  14. Kirk Cousins Provides Relief for Redskins

    LANDOVER, Md. -- He stayed after practice Thursday, working on throws with a tight end. Kirk Cousins isn't always the last one off the field, but he's almost always among those staying late...

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  15. Defense Records 10 Sacks in Historic Performance

    In their preparations leading up to what soon became a 31-point victory at FedExField over the Jacksonville Jaguars , the Washington Redskin defensive unit continually.....

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  16. Jaguars vs. Redskins: Full Report Card Grades for Washington

    After an underwhelming start to the 2014 NFL season, the Washington Redskins won Jay Gruden's home debut in resounding fashion...

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  17. Redskins Rediscover Their Running Game

    After last week's loss to the Texans , Redskins coach Jay Gruden lamented that he didn't call more running plays...

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  18. RG3: Ankle Was Twisted 'In a Different Direction' After Injury

    Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III said he expects to find out the severity of his left ankle injury Monday morning after he undergoes an MRI...

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  19. Another Lost Season, Great Performance by Cousins Doesn't Mean RGIII's Lost Team

    It was an off-balance scramble and an awkward stagger. It was a rolling cart and a pained smile. Was it a passing of the torch or just more of the same? Kirk Cousins quarterbacked ...

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  20. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Washington Redskins: Twitter Reaction, Postgame Quotes

    The Washington Redskins quite literally ran over the Jacksonville Jaguars en route to an emphatic 41-10 win...

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  21. Rapid Reaction: Washington Redskins

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  22. Week 2: Washington Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins Highlights

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  23. Kevin Durant, John Wall Both at FedEx Field in Redskins Jerseys

    You already knew that John Wall was at FedEx Field on Sunday, first holding up a Robert Griffin III jersey before changing into a Redskins jersey of his own...

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  24. Helu (Knee) Doesn't Return vs. Jacksonville

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  25. What Does the Future Hold for Robert Griffin III Following Injury?

    Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III left Sunday's matchup versus the Jacksonville Jaguars with an ankle injury...

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