1. Marcus Smith got 22 snaps, same as Vinny Curry, one more than Beau Allen.

  2. Great question. Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry have the talent but haven't been able to get there https://t.co/O68zAXB649

  3. When Vinny Curry is your SECOND defensive lineman off the bench, you're pretty deep and talented on the DL.

  4. Vinny Curry, Beau Allen and Benny Logan up front.

  5. Fletcher Cox is up and he's walking off with a limp. #Eagles DL now: Bennie Logan, Beau Allen and Vinny Curry.

  6. B. Bair will not return to the game with a groin injury. That's a major depth concern, with 4 DL -- and one is Vinny Curry, a pass rusher

  7. Expect to see more VInny Curry. https://t.co/xHrgxXOfsn

  8. #Eagles down to four active DL -- Fletcher Cox, Bennie Logan, Beau Allen and Vinny Curry.

  9. So even with two DL out and Vinny Curry playing more on the line, Marcus Smith isn't playing. Najee Goode, Brad Jones better on STs.

  10. Connor Barwin credited with his second sack of the season, but it appeared as if Vinny Curry forced the initial pressure up the middle.

  11. Vinny Curry checks in on third down.

  12. B. Bair is starting for the Eagles at DE, as expected. Vinny Curry will be used in more of a pass-rushing role. Jordan Hicks starts at ILB

  13. Eagles say Brandon Bair, not Vinny Curry, will start for Thornton.

  14. Kelly: Vinny Curry will bump to defensive end with Thornton's injury plus Brandon Bair will be active. Marcus Smith can take OLB reps

  15. Vinny Curry has 20 yards of penalties. The #Eagles offense has 21 yards.

  16. Vinny Curry powering the Cowboys drive with penalties

  17. Eagles DE Vinny Curry with another penalty. Really helping the Cowboys here.

  18. Marcus Smith is the 4th OLB now behind Vinny Curry and he doesn't play enough on special teams to warrant being active. #Eagles

  19. "It's not easy. I mean, it's definitely not easy." On Vinny Curry and the state of the outside linebackers. http://t.co/Vl69m39knY

  20. Chip Kelly: Vinny Curry was a little up and down on Monday. We felt he did a good job considering he got his feet wet in preseason

  21. Chip said Vinny Curry up and down a little bit playing at linebacker for time. Lost contain once on QB but got feet wet #Eagles

  22. Chip: we’ll see on Marcus Smith vs Cowboys. Vinny Curry up and down in (brief) OLB work at Atlanta

  23. Chip says Vinny Curry was "up and down" in his first game action at OLB. #Eagles