1. Madden 15: Preview of Newly Revealed Connected Franchise Features

    As of Monday, there are exactly 15 days until Madden 15 releases on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. All of the player ratings have been released, and the key features for all of the franchise's modes have been unveiled...

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  2. Madden 15: Players Who Will Outperform Their Ratings in This Year's Game

    The ratings for every player in Madden 15 have been released, which means the official release date is coming up soon. Specifically, the game will release on August 26 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One...

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  3. WWE 2K15: Highlighting Latest Roster Updates and My Career Mode Details

    The hype for the release of WWE 2K15 has begun to snowball into an unstoppable force as details continue to trickle out...

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  4. Ranking Top 50 CFB Players If EA Sports' NCAA Football 15 Existed

    To the dismay of the virtual masses, EA Sports killed off its NCAA Football video game series this year following a string of lawsuits, potential future lawsuits and headaches over ...

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  5. NBA 2K15 Announces My League, Reveals New Trailer Starring Kevin Durant

    Thursday officially belonged to NBA 2K15 on the sports video game news front. A new trailer—all 30 seconds of it—and an exciting new game mode has many gamers—including myself—wanting to fast-forward to October 7...

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  6. Madden 15 Player Ratings: Rookies to Guide Through Connected Careers

    When it comes to sports video games, who doesn't like a challenge? OK, some of us would prefer to win all 16 games in the regular season and the Super Bowl in every virtual season you play on Madden , but many gamers want to struggle a bit at first...

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  7. FIFA 15 to Feature All 20 Premier League Stadiums


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  8. 'Madden 15' Player Ratings: Updated Releases and Most Intriguing Early Teams

    The dog days of summer are tough on the sports world, but with football season quickly approaching, speculation and debate fill our time. Like it or not, Madden is very much a part of that...

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  9. WWE 2K15: 1st Screen Shot and Details on Story and My Career Modes Revealed

    The first screen shot of the upcoming WWE 2K15 has been released, and it looks pretty impressive. The cover athlete, John Cena , is shown staring at his longtime rival, Randy Orton, ...

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  10. Madden 15: Best Teams to Use as Rebuilding Projects in Connected Franchise Mode

    The best part of sports video games is having unimpeded control over your situation. A vast majority of people who start up their Xbox Ones and PS4s on a daily basis aren't ever going to play professional sports or run an organization...

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  11. Madden 15 Player Ratings: Examining Top Overall NFL Players in Upcoming Game

    As a testament to the hard work of those who make the game, the NFL's most dominant players will rule the virtual field as well in Madden NFL 15 ...

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  12. Watch: WWE 2K15 Teaser Trailer Ft. Sting

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  13. Madden 15: Latest News, NFL Player Ratings and Release Date Info

    The release date of Madden NFL 15 is scheduled for Aug. 26 in North America (Aug. 29 internationally), and it has football fans and video game enthusiasts counting down the days...

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  14. Madden NFL 15 Player Ratings: Highlighting Top Surprises from Reveals

    EA Sports and Madden NFL 15 —this year's iteration of the lone kid on the block—have done right by NFL fans around the globe, to say the least...

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  15. Madden NFL 15 Player Ratings: Secondaries That Will Be Tough to Throw Against

    High marks for the members of the Seattle Seahawks secondary is perhaps the surest bet when it comes to Madden 15 ratings. As expected, the Legion of Boom are scattered throughout the top five of every secondary position...

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  16. FIFA 15 to Introduce Shirt Pulling, Shoulder Barging

    FIFA 15 is not released until September 26 in the UK, but fans are already whetting their appetite with a promotional video released to show off brand new features.....

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  17. Reds Fans Face Their Heros in FIFA Challenge

    The Reds continue their charm offensive in the States as they try and swell the numbers abroad and grow their brand worldwide...

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  18. FIFA 15 Doesn't Have Brazilian Domestic Teams

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  19. Madden NFL 15 Player Ratings: Front 7s Set to Dominate in This Year's Game

    Much of the focus for gameplay in Madden 15 has been on improving the user experience on defense. Improvements to coverage, tackling and even defensive play-calling have already been announced ...

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  20. Madden NFL 15 Player Ratings: Most Startling Attribute for Top Rookies

    On July 21, we found out who the top-rated rookies would be in Madden NFL 15 , but we were just given their overall ratings...

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  21. Video: F1 2014 Trailer Released

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  22. Madden NFL 15 Player Ratings: Predicting Rest of Top 10 CBs After Reveal

    Richard Sherman dethroned Darrelle Revis in Wednesday's Madden NFL 15 cornerback rating reveals, but what about some of the top named who did not make the cut? As perhaps the ...

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  23. Sherman Rated No. 1 in Madden Game

    RENTON, Wash. – Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman already earned the coveted cover shot for the "Madden NFL 15" video game...

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  24. 10 Sports Games of the Generation

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  25. Judge Gives Preliminary Approval in NCAA Video Game Settlement

    A federal judge said Thursday she will approve two settlements involving college football and men's basketball players who appeared in NCAA-branded video games, according to two plaintiffs' lawyers who participated at the preliminary approval hearing...

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