1. Re: Vick Ballard, #Colts GM Ryan Grigson said as recently as a week ago it would be hard to let a player of his talent hit the street.

  2. Colts Cut Injured RB Vick Ballard

  3. Pagano on Ballard's Injury: 'I'm Sick About It'

  4. Colts Backfield Marred with Injuries as Herron, Ballard Exit

  5. Pagano says Vick Ballard injured a hamstring in the team's last practice meaning he may miss Thursday's game with Cincinnati as well. #colts

  6. Colts waive RB Vick Ballard http://t.co/CNdtBsy0N9 #indysportscentral

  7. The Colts have waived running back Vick Ballard. Ballard, who led the Colts in rushing as a rookie in 2012,... http://t.co/EKCyBobP3y

  8. Colts waive Vick Ballard http://t.co/TOmxTm0Hym

  9. Ballard Finally Ready to Run Again for Colts

  10. Sigh>>> Report: Colts waive/injured Vick Ballard http://t.co/OJGZwzNXFj via @indystar

  11. Colts release RB Vick Ballard http://t.co/dXzP3x6nlX

  12. With Vick Ballard waived, here's a running back to keep in mind: Ahmad Bradshaw. He's healthy acc to source and Colts have some interest

  13. Never fails. Leave for another assignment and miss #Colts news. RB Vick Ballard has been waived-injured.

  14. Colts release Vick Ballard and add Josh McNary to active roster

  15. #colts officially waive-injured Vick Ballard, sign Josh McNary to active waiver roster. Sign RB Zurlon Tipton, G Robert Myers to PS

  16. #Colts RB Vick Ballard waived/injured. LB Josh McNary elevated from practice squad. If Ballard clears waivers, reverts to injured reserve.

  17. The Colts have officially waived/injured RB Vick Ballard, signed LB Josh McNary to active waiver roster. Signed... http://t.co/tq3lt65Pud

  18. #Colts promote LB Josh McNary to 53-man roster, waive/injured RB Vick Ballard.

  19. Colts promote Josh McNary to active roster waived-injured Vick Ballard, precursor to injured reserve signed Robert Myers to psquad

  20. Colts sign linebacker Josh McNary to active roster, waive-injured Vick Ballard http://t.co/mRac55N99Z http://t.co/OUF6dpFvvP

  21. Not the ending #Colts fans were hoping for >> Team waives running back Vick Ballard http://t.co/BhzK8fTpTA

  22. The Colts couldn't wait any longer for Vick Ballard to get healthy http://t.co/pWpHqNy5fn

  23. The Colts elevated ILBJosh McNary to the 53-man roster from the practice squad Tuesday and waived/injured RB Vick Ballard.

  24. #Colts waive injured running back Vick Ballard. #ColtsBlitz.com. http://t.co/ekLIzXZKrl http://t.co/V4M4mHzCZt

  25. We understand NFL is bottom line, but you won't find a more likable, humble guy than @VickBallard. Hope he makes it back somewhere. #Colts

  26. If Vick Ballard doesn't return to Colts, can see Arizona taking a long look at him. Bruce Arians loved him in Indy.

  27. #Colts Colts waive injured back Vick Ballard - Linebacker Josh McNary promoted from practice squad to take ... http://t.co/J6t1f14tpq

  28. Vick Ballard in 2012 https://t.co/kxtcoy09XV

  29. #colts HC Chuck Pagano: Cutting Vick Ballard. He wasn't healthy and we needed a body. We did what we felt was best for the team

  30. Chuck Pagano on cutting Vick Ballard: "He wasn't healthy. We needed a body. We did what we thought was best for the team."

  31. I tried hard to get an answer out of Pagano on the Vick Ballard decision and he's not budging.

  32. #Colts coach Pagano answered quickly, decisively when asked about release of RB Vick Ballard. Said back wasn’t healthy, team needed a spot.

  33. Why did the #Colts waive Vick Ballard after insisting on keeping him a week ago? Here's your answer... sort of. http://t.co/9yY3DNKdRm

  34. Colts' decision to waive Vick Ballard was really rather simple http://t.co/mQoAGNBVLS http://t.co/UzWeycGEea

  35. Would love to explain the Vick Ballard/Boom Herron roster decisions, but the Colts' answers are lacking: http://t.co/9yY3DNKdRm

  36. A week after standing behind Vick Ballard, #Colts let him go without much of an explanation http://t.co/kJOdNduWHj

  37. Vick Ballard. That's one time in 55 career games for Andrew Luck if you're counting at home https://t.co/JpqG9aCJGY

  38. Signed free agent CB Josh Thomas, waived CB Eric Patterson, released CB Brandon Dixon and reached an injury settlement with Vick Ballard

  39. #colts moves: Signed CB Josh Thomas, waived CB Eric Patterson, released CB Brandon Dixon and reached an injury settlement with Vick Ballard

  40. Colts have signed FA CB Josh Thomas, waived CB Eric Patterson, also released CB Brandon Dixon from PS. Reached inj settl. w/ Vick Ballard

  41. Colts sign Josh Thomas, release Vick Ballard from IR http://t.co/ie2Nar7UhM

  42. #Colts waive RB Vick Ballard from injured reserve with an injury settlement. He's free to sign with another team.

  43. Colts reached an injury settlement with Vick Ballard. His time with the Colts is officially over.

  44. Colts cut Vick Ballard from injured reserve with injury settlement, cut Eric Patterson