1. Hellas Verona Fans Arrested Before Torino Match

    Two Hellas Verona fans were arrested by local police on Sunday night for causing trouble outside the Stadio Olimpico before their match against Torino .....

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  2. Verona Mourn Hallfredsson's Father

    In response to midfielder Emil Hallfredsson losing his father overnight, Verona have cancelled tomorrow's pre-game Press conference.....

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  3. Hellas Verona Capture Udinese Starlet

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  4. Official: Verona Sign Nene

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  5. Official: Christodoulopoulos to Verona | Football Italia

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  6. Verona Confirm Iturbe Purchase

    Verona have now confirmed that they have signed Juan Manuel Iturbe from Porto outright, after an impressive season on loan.....

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  7. Rabusic: 'Verona's New Toni'

    Verona 's new signing Michael Rabusic says he's here to learn from Luca Toni. “I compare myself to him...

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  8. Luca Toni Bringing Joy Back to Hellas Verona

    For a decade, his hair, wavy as ever, has stayed the same, as if slicked with oil or drenched by a fever of sweat, a few rogue locks dangling down the sides. When he was 26, the hair was prototypically Italian...

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