Jared Hood

Jared Hood


Born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Parents placed baseball before all things on God's green Earth. Mom's grew up a NY Giants fan, Pops grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. When both teams betrayed their fans (thanks Omally) my parents became Yankees fans; yes I know, the Roman Empire. Better to be loved by an empire than betrayed by a bum. I root for the Yankees come hell or high water...period.

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  • Lewie Pollis posted 2729 days ago

    Lewie Pollis

    Hey Jared,

    It's been four weeks since my accidentally controversial article about Jeter's numbers. Time for an update:


  • Adrian Staehle posted 2981 days ago

    Adrian Staehle

    There are 73 numbers that need to be filled be apart of my proect if you would like.

    Project 99 launches tomorrow!!!!


  • Rob Tiongson posted 3141 days ago

    Rob Tiongson

    Hey Jared!
    Thanks for the read and comment, man! I appreciate it. It's very seldom that I'll step out of my NASCAR writing zone and venture into the "big four sports." I look forward to writing more articles up!

    Take care!

  • Jesus Melendez posted 3154 days ago

    Jesus Melendez

    Thanks for the props on the Milestone slideshow.

  • Mike Kent posted 3157 days ago

    Mike  Kent

    Hey man, do you want to play in are fantasy league?

  • Tom Schecter posted 3177 days ago

    Tom Schecter

    what's up man. thanks for reading.

    what's your prediction for the Yanks' record without A-Rod?

  • Zachary WestRasmus posted 3179 days ago

    Zachary WestRasmus

    Hey man,

    If you have a chance, I wrote an article about steroids is baseball, and I'd love so see what you think!