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What's up, my name is Nick Gradney aka STATZ aka Mr. ESPN. Im from Houston, Texas I know everything you need to know about sports just hit me up at (713)-794-6723. I'm married to Zakiya Linnear, I play ball for fun, watch ESPN all day, I chop, I rap, and I go to TEXAS SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY, the home of the tigers. Oh yea, by the way I'M A CHRISTIAN (I PUT GOD FIRST IN EVERYTHING I DO)............."All the wrong i've done the lord still keep on blessing me, i'm finna run this cuz you know I got the recipe."

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  • Bronx Baseball Daily posted 3164 days ago

    Bronx Baseball Daily

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  • Ricky Chan posted 3166 days ago

    Ricky Chan

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  • Ricky Chan posted 3181 days ago

    Ricky Chan

    Kobe fans are my friends... and anybody who thinks he is better thAN Lebron