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I'm a 22-year-old Business student from the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Currently though, I find myself based in London where I'm enjoying a 12-month internship with Microsoft UK. As much as I love the new gig, the job presents a rather large time constraint - and as a result my ramblings on here have become few and far between.

In recent weeks I've been striving to produce more content though, so stay posted and hopefully there'll be plenty more to come from me in the coming weeks.

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  • Australian posted 11 days ago


    RAW was crazy good!

  • Australian posted 11 days ago


    G'day Elliott. How are you mate?

    My thoughts during MITB. Opening 'Climb' promo was an awesome start. Well done production team. Wyatt Family's new entrance and music was cool. Incredible match. Both teams on fire. Beautiful to watch. Allowed the crowd to settle and then brought them alive. MITB stats segment was interesting. Sandow and Rose was plain good fun. Sandow's opening 'Boston' promo was hilarious. Briefcase time! The spots in this match were outrageous. Outcome was predictable but it's always the journey that's the fun part. I was feeling the pain of some of those shot from my couch. Rusev v Big E was a highlight for me. Rusev is moving up my charts. His music always is stuck in my head! WWEWHC was indeed brutal. I loved each guy's spots. I was so hoping for Bray or Roman. Cena winning was no surprise. The way he won so cheaply was interesting. They seem to be encoraging the mixed reaction. HHH is now using Cena's bipolar reactions to it's full effect. I think it's worth it some times to finish a PPV with the fans upset. That in itself makes for entertainment. It also makes the great moments, like WM30, a more rare special moment. You've got to take the good with the bad. So to speak. Overall, I absolutely enjoyed my MITB experience. Well worth my day off. Roll on RAW tomorrow! 

  • Australian posted 20 days ago


    The Vaudevillians is definitely a fresh original gimmick. Really impressed with Gotch. That moustache! English must be taking senton bomb lessons from Jeff Hardy. Early days I know, but I see so much potential and possible story line avenues.

    NXT is an incredible brand. I wish the show was 2 hours, allowing lengthier feuds to develop and matches to be longer. I truly believe in the RAW v NXT concept particularly as a one off PPV as you suggested. But how to get this idea out amongst the people?

  • Australian posted 22 days ago


    Hey mate. Have you seen much of The Vaudevillians yet? I'm already a huge fan.

  • Randy Norton posted 24 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Great Articles Elliott !

  • Australian posted 25 days ago


    Fandango v Breeze

  • Australian posted 25 days ago


    As huge ADR fan, I would personally love to see him holding the WHC again! It is his destiny. Ha ha. In all seriousness, I know exactly what you mean. The WHC is only meaningful if it's given the spotlight and worth while feuds with top notch challengers.

    I would be more in favour of having a one off night for a RAW vs NXT event. The potential matches for that event could be truly amazing. All the better if they held it as a home and away series and went back to Full Sail. That crowd is nuts! It would be great exposure for both brands at both levels.


    RAW v NXT
    Rollins v Neville
    Orton v Zayn (no disqualification)
    The Usos v The Ascension
    Paige w Emma v Charlotte w The BFFs
    Rybaxel v Enzo Amore & Big Cass

    What a night of entertainment!

  • Australian posted 25 days ago


    Hey Elliott. I tend to agree with you. I think the WWE is pretty keen on the Bryan v Lesnar match up at Summerslam. Whatever happens with the belts between now and then is merely a temporary short term fix. I am not sure how I would react to see the main titles separated once more. On one hand I like the prestige of the merged titles, especially if it means the IC Championship and US Championship are more highly regarded. On the other hand, having the two top titles gave more second tier guys the chance to wear championship gold and be involved in focused story lines. There were some good moments when the RAW and SD brands were split.

  • Australian posted 28 days ago


    Hey Elliott... Any chance, at MITB, that two competitors unlock one belt simultaneously and we see a split in the titles again?

  • George Scott posted 64 days ago

    George Scott

    No problem and thanks for the add, really admire it! Your articles are great.

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