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  • Taylor TwoTimes posted 185 days ago

    Taylor  TwoTimes


  • HEISENBERG posted 229 days ago


    miss that show

  • Indians Fan posted 231 days ago

    Indians Fan


  • Olli Seppala posted 232 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    Thanks for the fan add.

  • Taylor TwoTimes posted 232 days ago

    Taylor  TwoTimes

    i agree dude. but it is just so easy to hate bones jones. he seems like a tool.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 240 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Interesting... Tracy McGrady's magical scoring in under 40 secs is permanently branded
    in my mind too. The Spurs have proven to blow it in the final seconds ( HEAT!!!!!
    GAME 6 ). Isiah Thomas? The most intimidating ( little ) point guard in NBA history.
    Jordan hated playing 80s' Detroit for a reason. WOW, you live and breathe MMA. The strikers/athletes you listed are current winners... and losers. I can see you appreciate
    the combating sport. Chris Weidman vs Vito Belfort~ is inevitable. You know what else
    is unavoidable? Me... fanning a sports addict like yourself. Thank you.

  • Barely Legal Sentient Pizza Demon posted 240 days ago

    Barely Legal Sentient Pizza Demon


  • Rafi Phoenix posted 241 days ago

    Rafi Phoenix

    So long as it's not a plan to keep Bryan away from the title picture, it could an interesting concept. We'll have to see as the weeks progress.

  • Dirty Sanchez posted 244 days ago

    Dirty Sanchez

    I got Belfort killing Weidman in the 1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter Homistek posted 266 days ago

    Hunter Homistek

    Hey, Taylor, thanks for becoming a fan of mine! I appreciate it, and I hope you continue to enjoy my stuff.