1. Oakland Raiders: The Offensive Line Is the Problem That Must Be Fixed

    Back in late July, I wrote an article discussing my concerns for the Raiders as the 2010 season would begin. In review, the offensive line vindicated this article in week 1 as the largest concern...

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  2. Oakland Raiders: The Offensive Line Is The X-Factor

    Make no mistake about it: The Oakland Raiders will go as far as the Offensive Line carries them. Overall, the Oakland Raiders have found all their pieces of the puzzle to their roster this offseason...

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  3. The Oakland Raiders Have Had a Great Offseason, But Haven't Won Yet!

    The Oakland Raiders have had a productive offseason. There's no doubt about it that they have made significant improvements from trading for Kamerion Wimbley and Jason Campbell to drafting guys with instant impact like Rolando McClain and Lamarr Houston.

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  4. Lakers-Magic: Lakers Prove They Have Heart, Win 15th Title

    The Lakers have been criticized all year in if they have heart or not. The media and fans alike have wondered, do they really want to win or not? The Lakers demanded for respect this season ...

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  5. Penguins-Red Wings Game 7: The NHL and Penguins Both Win

    The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 in a classic Game 7. Almost every sportswriter out there doubted the Penguins would win, especially with the odds against them...

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  6. Lakers-Magic: Lakers Steal a Game on the Road While the Magic Should Have Won

    Somehow this game doesn't make any sense. The Lakers should have lost this game big and suddenly the scoreboard in the end shows they won by eight points. How did this happen? The Magic let this game escape them...

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  7. Lakers-Magic: Shannon Brown Should Get More Playing Time

    Shannon Brown has the type of athleticism that makes you say "wow"—and he isn't used enough during these playoffs. I know Phil Jackson has labeled him as the third-string point guard behind Jordan Farmar and Derek Fisher...

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