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My name is David McClure, I live in Hood River Oregon. I can remember my very first football bet it was with my father and the Game was Colts vs: Jets, Namath vs: Unitas , I won myself a chocolate ice cream cone and a trip fly fishing here in Oregon. YES FISHING IS A SPORT and God Bless Broadway Joe, thanks for the win Joe. I've loved football ever since!

Ok now on to a little bit of Basketball. CAN YOU SAY BASKETBALL? GO JAZZ!
The Utah Jazz have been my favorite since the Malone Stockton John Stockton were teaching us all the pick and roll like no other.

I've watched Stockton play since he was with Gonzaga way back in the day. I love the way the team is heading and think that the money that Milsap wants is enough to buy him ticket out of town, he's great player BUT TOO much $$$.

My favorite SPORTS writer is WOODY HAYS .... GO WOODY, I mean seriously ya have to love a man named WOODY ...

Chicago Bears
New York Yankees
Utah Jazz

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  • Punkus posted 3007 days ago


    What are the Broncos Chances against the Browns?


  • Caleb M. posted 3013 days ago

    Caleb M.

    Hey Dave, appreciate it if you gave me some feedback on my latest article. Thanks!


  • Caleb M. posted 3034 days ago

    Caleb M.

    Hey Dave, whats happenin?

    Check out my newest article, telling the terrific story of Tom Brady. Feedback is welcome!


  • Eric J posted 3068 days ago

    Eric J

    Is Ben Roethlisberger more clutch than Tom Brady and the rest of the league? I've created a new measure to test quarterback "clutchness". FInd out how Jay Cutler faired.


  • Shanette Soto posted 3073 days ago

    Shanette Soto

    what up!! welcome to BR bud...I am also torn in the Millsap scenario as well, if we dont match and can trade AK and Harpring for TMac and Boozer for Haslem, Cook we might be able to get Bosh next year with all those expiring contracts...although the thought of tanking next season really does irk me...ha but go Jazz all damn day....

  • Jacob Sloan posted 3172 days ago

    Jacob Sloan

    Thanks for becoming one of my fans and the compliment on my article. I think we share the same opinion about the current Broncos regime. If you ever need any fantasy football advice or have any questions about B/R, shoot me an email. I'm always happy to help.

  • Eric Quackenbush posted 3205 days ago

    Eric Quackenbush

    Hey Dave, well we have a couple things in common; for the most part there are a handful of NFL teams I despise, Raiders, Cowboys, Giants, and Buccaneers just to name a few. However, the Broncos are amongst the group of teams that I do like, and most of that is attributed to John Elway, but more notably, my profound respect for Mike Shanahan. I really like Jay Cutler, too (as if you couldn't tell). I love watching when the Broncos play the Chargers. That has to be one of the best matchups in the NFL.


  • Eric Quackenbush posted 3205 days ago

    Eric Quackenbush

    Hi Dave, welcome to Bleacher Report!

    I'm glad you didn't take my article on Cutler too seriously; it was something I read that intrigued me to stir up some speculation and a trade scenario. I'm glad you got enjoyment out of it though.

    Anyway, thank you for becoming a fan, and I look forward to reading what's going on in the Broncos' world through your postings! I also became your first fan.

    Again, welcome to the community, and feel free to ask me any questions or post links to your new articles on my bulletin board!

  • Hank posted 3206 days ago


    Hi Dave,
    Welcome to Bleacher Report! I want to welcome you to the Broncos community. We're all dedicated fans, although we all have slightly differing views about Josh McDaniels & company. Still, I think it will work out. Anyway, if you ever want any help with articles or anything you can always ask me or anyone else who frequently contributes.