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  • john cory posted 1806 days ago

    john cory

    Wow, It seems that according to Dexton Lyon you need 20-30 AUTHORITATIVE sources. I guess you should not dare write anything about something that apparently is common knowledge everywhere but in Alabama. Shame on you for trying to enlightened the MOBILE HOMERS.

  • Daxton Lyon posted 1818 days ago

    Daxton Lyon

    Please, provide the links to the information that you are reading to collaborate your accusations about Alabama recruiting and Nick Saban. I'd love the opportunity to read the sources and "see" what you are looking at. And, I don't mean one article here or two articles there that discuss an author's subjective opinion.

    Right now, I am down right CALLING YOU OUT to put-up or shut-up, I want to see twenty to thirty AUTHORITATIVE sources and your count data that addresses the "extra" 33 players you say Alabama over-signed and every player you say got shafted.

    Working around the provisions that are established in life are how people establish competitive advantages (a business principal that you need to learn about and understand), doing it consistently is what is called sustainable. Rules are meant to keep people within a certain space and you can't be butt hurt over those who can stretch that space to the advantage of themselves, that's called leverage.

    And, why should a kid be guaranteed four years of anything, especially if he doesn't put in the time to earn it? Life is not fair so what kind of education does it give these kids to believe that they are ENTITLED to anything? That's not the real world and if you want to change what the real world is to suggest that based on a history of production, one should be guaranteed specific outcomes without future production contingencies then you're delusional and I invite you to move to China or North Korea where that philosophy and political theory are predominant. Why do you watch football in the first place if you want to cry foul because a team has a problem with being the most coveted?

    The only thing you're guaranteed with in life is the skin on your back, brain in your head, and heart in your chest. You want your team to have the recruits that Alabama is getting then go out there and beat Alabama, develop the same strategy, and do the same thing. Bending the rules and breaking them are not the same and if you send me your address, I'll send you a box of tissues and roll of toilet paper.


  • grand panther posted 1821 days ago

    grand panther

    Only people I know who use the term "UAT" are jealous Auburn fans who are angry that their asst coaches couldn't change grades last year without the NCAA finding out about it. Incidently, down south, we call Auburn the "Notre Dame of Cheating."