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My name is John. I'm originally from New Orleans, but lived in Jacksonville long enough to call it home. Over the years, the Saints didn't make it on TV. I had to follow them on the news (which is really hard for a kid to do). Once Jacksonville got a team, I was able to watch them and attend games. They started out very successful and quickly won me over. I'm now a huge Jags fan. I still like the Saints and am very happy they have finally become a competitor and overall great team. Though, they are no longer my #1... Jags all day! I had season tickets for the Jaguars for many years, but now live overseas. Thankfully, the NFL has become a media icon and with NFL's website I can watch the games online and other sports sites (like bleacher report) I can follow the team closely from afar. I also like the TB Rays. I resisted baseball for many years, I grew to dislike it when I played the sport in high school. I always felt it was too slow, even though I played short stop and outfield. I hated standing there hoping someone would hit so I could do something other than "shift". At some point a few years back, the Rays made some changes to their organization. For some reason or another, I started to follow them a bit (before they were known to be a good team) and I watched as they became a well ran and dominant MLB team. The 2nd or 3rd year after I started following them, they made a deep push for the title. I was excited and then disappointed that they lost. I realized then that I had become a fan. I don't need to put anything else on here, this is a sports site!

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