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I am a die hard LA sports fan born and raised in Arcadia, Ca just east of Pasadena, Ca home of the Rose Bowl and Jackie Robinson. I grew up rooting for the Dodgers, Trojans, Raiders, Kings, and Lakers. As a kid and teenager I played baseball, water polo, swam competitively, and ran track. I also played one year of water polo in college before a shoulder injury from high school changed my focus from playing to coaching. I have been an age-group, high school, and collegiate water polo coach and an age-group and high school swim coach. I don't really root on the Lakers anymore because of the Shaq/Kobe issue. I am a Shaq guy and can't stand Kobe at all so until he is gone they aren't even on my radar. In 2002, I began following and rooting for the Angels. At that time I was going to school to finish my B.S. Degree at Sonoma State University in Northern California which just happens to be SF Giants territory. That is not a good thing for a So Cal guy who is a die hard Dodgers and Trojans fan. So in 2002 the Angels were playing the Giants in the World Series and at the time I was living with a couple guys who were Giants fans and most of my friends were Giants fans and I couldn't root for my beloved Dodgers arch enemy so I decided to root for the Angels and have been following them ever since. Also my wife just happens to be from Anaheim and is a HUGE Angels fan and my in-laws were season ticket holders from 2008-2010 so I spent a lot of time at Angels Stadium and our first date was even to an Angels game. It still doesn't change my loyalty to the Dodgers and when they play each other I will be the only one out of our group wearing Dodger Blue and cheering louder then them for the Boys in Blue and that will never change even though her parents also grew up cheering on the Dodgers but have since converted to the Angels.

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  • Richard Marsh posted 3200 days ago

    Richard Marsh

    To all my favorite Dodgers fan writers, I invite you to my latest fantasy baseball league on fox sports. Don't hate for the password because you might like it just for more revenge you guys seems to enjoy so much. lol. Here's the link The Password is Letsgomets.

  • J.C. Ayvazi posted 3212 days ago

    J.C. Ayvazi

    Greetings Geoffery-

    As the Dodger community leader, I wanted to welcome you to B/R. Hope you enjoy your time here at this corner of the Web.

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff as we come closer to the start of the regular season.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them on my board.

    All the best!