Michael J. Sanders

Michael J. Sanders

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Played most sports growing up but the "organized" variety were limited to baseball, basketball and soccer. Roosevelt Junior High - soccer (2 yrs), football (1 yr), Appleton East High School - Varsity soccer (3 1/2 yrs), Varsity tennis (1 yr) & Varsity track (1 yr). Played with Varsity at State Tourney as a Freshman and every year after. Lettered in Soccer 3 years & was 2nd Team All-Conference once & Honorable Mention once. Since I quit playing "organized" sports I've played all types of bar league sports including volleyball, flag football, golf, indoor soccer & slow pitch softball, in order of favorite to least favorite to play. My favorites to watch, in order of favorite to least, are NFL Football (especially the Packers), College Basketball (especially the Badgers & Golden Eagles &, to some degree, the Seminoles & Phoenix), College Football (especially the Badgers &, to some degree, Seminoles), MLB Baseball (especially the Brewers and, to some degree, the Cubs), Milwaukee Bucks, Anaheim Ducks and World Cup Soccer.

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