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Just a good ol' "JAWGA" boy who could care less about statistics and averages, just give me sporting for the moments of zen.

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  • Dann Khan posted 3020 days ago

    Dann Khan

    He mate

    wrote a piece which I tried to make my master piece. Could you please cheack it out. Don't be scared of telling me if it is bad

  • M Brian Ladner posted 3125 days ago

    M Brian Ladner

    ok, i just put the link and tags back in to see if it works. i looked through the past revisions and have no idea how they got lost, but if they disappear again inexplicably, i'll have someone check it out.

  • M Brian Ladner posted 3125 days ago

    M Brian Ladner

    Just curious, did you remove the extra tags and the link back to my article? It's totally cool if you did as it's your article, but I don't see the removal in the article history and I just wondered if I never saved them or something else strange happened. Wouldn't be the first time.

    I had added tags for five drivers (Sr., Jr., Gordon, Johnson, Busch) and "Sprint Cup Racing" so that the article would show up on more pages--specifically each of those driver and series pages. I also made the name of my article a hyperlink that would pop open a new window if someone clicked on it. I honestly did that primarily as any time I list anybody's article--on B/R or elsewhere--I make it a link so readers can check it out without having to search for it.

    Like I said, if you reverted to a previous version to get rid of those things it's cool with me. Any edits I made are meant merely as suggestions--it won't hurt my feelings if you didn't want them. I'm just wondering why it doesn't show up in the article history as either a change or a reversion to an earlier version.

    Let me know. Again, good article.

  • Kelly Crandall posted 3125 days ago

    Kelly Crandall


    Welcome to Bleacher Report. I do hope that you are enjoying it. Wonderful job on your first article. I hope that you continue to contribute to the site. By reading, commenting and writing more articles. It really is great fun and you'll meet some wonderful people on the site.

    It's also great to get your voice and opinons heard. Engage your fellow writers.

    I'm here if you have any problems, questions or concerns. Please let me know so that I can take care of them right away.

    I do hope to hear from you soon and look forward to seeing more of you on the site.

    ~Kelly Crandall
    Co-Community Leader, NASCAR Page