Eric Mizelle

Eric Mizelle


I'm from the United States of America but have a very strong passion for the real football. I'm a die hard fan of Arsenal FC and nothing will ever change that. My favorite national football team is USA of course followed closely by Germany. Jack Wilshere is my favorite player. I am a christian who loves God and Jesus.

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  • Michael Cummings posted 1891 days ago

    Michael Cummings

    Hey Eric, War Eagle!

  • Frank Wagner posted 1906 days ago

    Frank Wagner

    Hey Eric,

    Thanks for the comments and the article! I try to stay as unbiased as I can, so thanks for that.
    I'm a bass player, mostly classical but play gigs in all genres. Are you a musician?


  • Phil 1stine posted 1960 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    It seems odd. Ultimately, time will tell. Whatever happens I just hope he shows some integrity, and I hope it gets resolved quickly one way or the other.

  • Phil 1stine posted 1961 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    Cant see it myself, but you never know. I think RVP is above that kind of behaviour, but then again I thought he was better than the PR stunt he just pulled too.

  • Phil 1stine posted 1962 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    Also when the PL season starts there's the guardian newspaper ( does a great podcast once or twice a week, in addition to having many good football articles.

  • Phil 1stine posted 1962 days ago

    Phil  1stine

    It really depends what you are looking for. For rumours link to all kinds of other footballing sites - of course 95% of the rumours are bo***cks. also has a media watch section, in addition to interviews/ articles on the Arsenal players themselves.

    For actual solid figures there is numeros sites; epl index, transfermarkt, espn, etc. For some great tactical analysis of different games there's

    For some interesting articles try