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Have been registered on this site about 6 months, I have lost some enthusiasm since I found out that authors are given titles to write stories about (some of the time). Also I appreciate the differences of opinions but some people just comment to make comments to annoy people but I guess thats unavoidable.
I will say I have found a new appreciation for fans of all the different teams in different sports, it has helped me expand my knowledge across the board and now I have began using this site as a knowledge base instead os ESP, Foxsports or SI. Lastly I look forward to reading opinions of the authors I have come to be amiliar with. I wull continue being a fan but will not persue te priviledge to publish articles.

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  • Errol Elam posted 1965 days ago

    Errol Elam

    what's up jim apreciate you being a fan of mine! i am a fan of yours as well! glad to see that we both feel the same about the knicks, lin, etc. hope we do get cp3 to team with melo..that would be awesome!!!!!

  • Ciaran Gowan posted 1972 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    I'm with you on Lin. It was just a weird situation in general, and there's something to be said for both sides of the argument. Either way, the Knicks are in a good place with Felton and Kidd as the point guards, so it doesn't really matter.

    Chris Paul obviously wants to be in New York, and has done ever since that toast at his wedding. But I'm not sure how realistic it actually is. I can't see the Clippers taking Amar'e, even if he bounces back, because they've already got Blake Griffin. I also can't see the Knicks trading Chandler, because he's one of the reasons CP3 wants to be here. It's contingent on Paul coming out and saying he'll only sign with NY, because otherwise teams will offer a lot more than we can. He'll also have to take a pay cut, because Melo and co. really screwed him by taking too much money IMO.

    What people don't realise is that starting in 2013, if you are $4 million over the luxury tax line you aren't actually allowed to make a sign-and-trade. So, the Knicks not keeping Lin could signal that they are looking to at least try to acquire CP3 by sign-and-trade next offseason.

    At the end of the day, I can see it happening, but I'm not really sure how. But there's always a chance when the player wants to be somewhere, the team wants him and the team has money.

  • Cecil Riley posted 2000 days ago

    Cecil Riley

    Hey Jim. It's a touch football adult league in long island. I player at a private school called long island Lutheran in brookville. I'm 33, so those were glory days for me

  • Ciaran Gowan posted 2009 days ago

    Ciaran Gowan

    Hi Jim,

    Raymond Felton was probably my favourite player besides maybe Danilo Gallinari during his time with the Knicks, and he really was fantastic. He and Amar'e had the best PG-PF tandem in the league for a few months there, and Felton would have made the All-Star team if it wasn't for a bad week or so leading up to the selection. He was really starting to look like the player people thought they were going to see when he came out of UNC.

    The problem is, that was the only successful period of his entire career to this point. He was pretty underwhelming in Charlotte, and once he left New York things really went downhill. He pretty much forced his way out of Denver after being unhappy about having to back up Ty Lawson, and I've heard also that he was one of the main causes of Portland's breakdown this season (both on and off the court). That's not the sort of personality we should want on this team.

    Besides, considering what he did in Denver, it's unlikely he'd want to sit on the bench in New York (or that he'd accept the low salary that would come along with that).

    If he were to accept a that role, though, I don't think he should (or will) cut into Lin's playing time, simply because Lin will not only be the superior player in the future, but he's also the superior player right now.

    This is how I see it:

    All the success Felton had in New York can be linked directly to Amar'e Stoudemire. Felton was a beneficiary of STAT's monster season, and his performance for other teams proves that Stoudemire was the guiding force behind his good play. For Lin, though, the success was all down to him. Stoudemire and Melo were injured when Linsanity first begun, and his primary offensive targets were Tyson Chandler and Steve Novak. It really is something to perform at such a high level with a depleted supporting cast like that.

    I can see that Mike Woodson already loves Lin and understands that he needs to be developed, but also that he should be the out-and-out starter and primary option at the point no matter what.

    As for Lin's struggles against the likes of Mario Chalmers, that's just inevitable. Lin is still very inexperienced in the NBA, and he's going to go through a lot of growing pains next season. New York fans have the tendency to be impatient in situations like that, but we need to bear with him, because he has the potential to be a top 10 point guard if things go our way.

    Also, I think at times Lin may still be able to produce even with defenders in his jersey like that. Derek Fisher is hardly "athletic" in NBA terms, but when the Knicks took on the Lakers his defence on Lin was very physical and Lin was visibly frustrated. He then went on to score 38 in what was probably the best Knicks game for a decade.

    On Machado, I completely agree with you. He's my kind of point guard - pass first. Leading the nation in assists is no small feat, even if he did it with a school like Iona. I'd love to see him behind Jeremy Lin, but I could also see the Knicks choosing a veteran instead (or as well), because two young point guards is not a recipe for success on a team that is in "win now" mode. I'm not so sure that he'd be better than Lin, but a few years down the line I could see a situation opening up like the one Houston have with Lowry and Dragic.

    Thanks a lot for the praise as well. It genuinely means a lot to me that you appreciate my writing and value my opinion on the Knicks.

  • Stephen Skinner posted 2016 days ago

    Stephen Skinner

    Jim, thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate them. Steve

  • Brandon Reiter posted 2017 days ago

    Brandon Reiter

    Hey Jim,
    Again, thanks for the read. You can always find Syracuse tickets on, or sites like that. Since your from long island it might be easier to catch them when they play in the garden or at the prudential center. Cuse as got a great alumni population in that area so the arena gets filled with Orange.
    I agree with what you said about Trevor Cooney. He has gone WAY under the radar, and i think he will be a pleasant surprise for some.