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William T. Poulos

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Hello my name is William T. Poulos, I am 50 years old, and have been a writer in one form or another for 43 years of my life. Currently I keep and maintain six- 5" binders of statistics and newspaper articles on Navy Football, and I have been maintaining this since 1970. I have been a Navy Football fan since 1970 and I am completed two-thirds of a manuscript titled "The History of Navy Football (1879-2012). This book contains to this point 245 pages and I have written over 78,000 words. This manuscript will be sent to Vantage Press in New York for publishing. I have several other book projects well under way including books on these topics: History of the Middle Ages, Ancient History (Greece, Rome, Holy Land and the Cradle of Civilizations in the Middle East), History of Navy Lacrosse and a comprehensive History of Russia and two other non-fiction books as well.

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