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lefty thomas www.dbbsports.com

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http://www.dailyballbreakers.com/ - great articles for people who don't like to read.

Lefty is a sport loving chick who understands the games and the rules. She looks at sports from a psychocultural perspective — why are we drawn to these anointed battling demi-gods? What does that say about us? How come Andy Pettite is SO cute he makes me want to kiss the TV screen, but I don’t respect him as a person? What she likes most about sports is the conflict and drama and immediacy and grunting and sliding and tackling and raw energy and sense of connection and psychological projection that she finds far more interesting than anything else on TV. And her job is making TV.

For more, visit http://www.dailyballbreakers.com/ (Real Guys Holding Sports Accountable), or if you think A-Rod will return by All-Star Break, visit www.dbbsports.com .

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