I've come to the conclusion that there are three unavoidable things in life:

Death, taxes, and at least one person who thinks that, no matter what it is you do, they do it better than you do.

I write opinion pieces primarily here on the b/r. Some you might agree with; some you might throw your monitor out the window over.

My aim is to make you at least stop and consider what it was that you thought before the article and reconsider it after you get done reading it.

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  • Justin Neuman posted 1652 days ago

    Justin Neuman

    Thanks for clearing that up, Trent. I've seen that issue pop up in a few stories I've edited, but now I'll keep it in mind for future work! Hopefully I'll get to edit more of your work soon.

  • Jerry Koh posted 1916 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    who's your fav player?

  • Jerry Koh posted 1929 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    trent, what's your best memory as a spurs fan?

  • Jerry Koh posted 1973 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    how long have you supported spurs?

  • Jerry Koh posted 1980 days ago

    Jerry Koh

    you're a good writer, trent? why don't you get a profile picture?

  • Andrew Machado posted 2002 days ago

    Andrew Machado

    Hello Trent,

    Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the bulletin board post, it was nice to be acknowledged! Keep up the good work with your articles; always gives me something to look forward to in the office! ;)

  • Rhys Robinson posted 2012 days ago

    Rhys Robinson


    When editing your piece, I didn't see any orange media lines which would indicate the insertion of a picture/Youtube video. A problem may have occurred when you initially tried adding the videos to your article. If you would like to go back and re-add them, you can delete your current piece, then copy/paste my edited copy into a new article with the videos you want. Otherwise, I would suggest talking to one of the site's monitors. Sorry for the trouble!

    -Rhys Robinson

  • Amber Lee posted 2051 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey Trent! Thanks so much for commenting on my recent "Distracting Fans" piece. I hope you'll consider fanning me on b/r and following me on Twitter (@Blamberr). Naturally, I'll return the favor. ;) <3