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A Canadian who followed Flutie south and grew to love the weird 4-down game and the doormat Chargers.

A quick explanation of my favourite teams because they seem to be all over the map and all for the outskirts of their respective leagues for fanbases, because they are. Canada is not a basketball nation, Miami is not a hockey town, and San Diego...well there is just too much to do in sunny San Diego. Expensive, but lots to do. I've been a few times, and it's like a cross between Italy and Hawaii.

But to explain how I got to where I am, I'm an Ontarian who grew up watching the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and had the Toronto Maple Leafs stuffed down my throat. I also enjoyed watching the 3-down CFL and Doug Flutie tearing up the league. As I grew up, I realized that management for the TML had no interest in building a winning team, just a team good enough to have a buzz and make a huge profit. I played for a team called the Panthers and started following the Florida Panthers. The next year, they made the Cinderella run to the finals and lost in a sweep to the Avalanche. I've followed them ever since. As for the Chargers, I followed Flutie south to Buffalo, and then to San Diego. As my interest in the NFL grew, I grew more attached to the team itself rather than Flutie. So here I am today, it seems like the only fan of the Panthers, one of the few outside of sunny San Diego of the Chargers and part of the hometown crowd for the Lucky-to-be-in-the-East Raptors.

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  • Ken Foss posted 3526 days ago

    Ken Foss

    dude he isn't even the greatest of his day, the argument we are having is pretty much mute after i drop Oscar Robertson or Pete Maravitch or Mr. 100 (who averaged 52 and 25) or Kireem Abdul Jabar(sp) all are better players you could argue like i do, that Dominique, Karl and Hakeem get jobbed by Jordan's Trophy case, when they're probably every bit as good on the floor as he was. in Hockey It's Gretzky 1A Mario 1B, and then you have to go a long way down to find the Gordie Howe's, Steve Yzerman, Phil Espesito, and Bobby and Brett Hull they are in a stratosphere Jordan can't fathom. He's the best basketball player ive ever seen in person, but he's far from the best EVER, and thats what Gretzky is.

  • Jay Middleton posted 3526 days ago

    Jay Middleton

    Yeah, no worries. However, I am a Raiders fan and I have all sorts of photo privileges, so watch out if your season starts to tank...

  • Ken Foss posted 3527 days ago

    Ken Foss

    you might have been right, but that wasn't the question now was it.

  • Ken Sheehan posted 3527 days ago

    Ken Sheehan

    Don't worry about iti actually had a lot of trouble deaing with the pictures myself

  • KP Wee posted 3527 days ago

    KP Wee

    Welcome to the Bleacher Report! I followed the Chargers to an extent too, after Flutie went there...

  • xx yy posted 3528 days ago

    xx yy

    Haha man trust me...I know all about THAT late season's a pain in the ass....thanks for readin!