Mary Wallace

Mary Wallace


Per above, "retired," which actually should read "disabled." Legally blind, took early retirement and am on SSDI. I need some way to fill in my days and stay out of prison and am finally able to indulge a passion: loafing while learning. To that end I can follow and maybe write about some type of sports-related activities. I follow the Tampa Bay Bucs, Tampa Bay Rays, boxing (no UFC,) NASCAR and once in a great while, horse-racing. Hockey's okay; I was born in Michigan and am used to it, but don't follow it passionately. I don't care for basketball. I LOATHE golf. I say this because, my father, being a Scot and a Wallace to boot, assumed there is some kind of "golf gene," that I am sadly lacking in. After years of dragging me around courses and boring me into comas about it, he finally let it alone. I don't care about Tiger. I don't care about the Masters or the hideous green jacket.

I still play viola for myself and I still work on computer and math-related type projects. I have an opportunity to branch out, learn to write and explore some new things. I came across B/R from Gabe V. on Twitter. He's quite the awesome writer; insightful and funny as hell. I'm enjoying exploring this place. Thanks B/R

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