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Hoops blogger. Fiction scribe. Screenwriter.

Oakland resident.

Chicago born and bred.

The Bulls and Bears are my passion, but I also keep close tabs on clubs in my current and former transplant cities, namely the Vikings, Timberwolves, Wizards and Redskins.

Reach out on Twitter. I try to keep my timeline flush with links to great sports content, as well as a smattering of film, music and literary commentary:

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  • Amber Lee posted 1870 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Thanks so much for fanning me on here, I really appreciate the support ll hit me up on Twitter (@blamberr) and keep in touch :)

  • Dallas Mavericks Examiner posted 1924 days ago

    Dallas Mavericks  Examiner


    Sorry about the second link. Part of the problem with getting notifications is you go back to different articles and forget what you did earlier. I do like to offer one link rather than typing a paragraph when it's pertinent but I certainly don't mean to spam. I went in and edited one of them out - sorry about that.

    I see you're a screenwriter. As it happens, I've been in the film/video/audio industry for 25 years. My company still offers some supplies and services and I served on the Board of the Texas Motion Picture Alliance for 4 years during which time I started following ReelChicago.

    Our website is http://www.pro-tape.com and we also have an active Facebook page, Pro-Tape Staff. I try to keep up on Twitter but sometimes things slip through the cracks @ProTapeStaff. It's entirely about film, video, audio and consumer electronics.

    Ah, Chicago and Washington D.C. -- keep you head down, amigo.

  • Pat Lee posted 1983 days ago

    Pat Lee

    Lin's value goes past his NBA talent.

    MSD (market capitalization) value gaines over $500mil in 3 months, Feb-Apr