Daniel Chalmers Paul Murtagh

Daniel Chalmers Paul Murtagh


Hey this is Daniel Chalmers and Paul Murtagh.

We are already well known writers here on Bleacher Report. However we have been writing joint articles for a long time now. We enjoy having discussions together online about F1's big topics. So we have decided to put them together in this special joint account. We have discussions on online messenger and then publish them. It's pretty much like a roundtable discussion format. Everyone who has read them in the past have enjoyed them.

We don't always agree though, it can come close to coming to blows at times but we always kiss and make up afterwards. No matter what we are talking about we always enjoy our debates.

Me and Paul first met back on the BBC's Motorsport forum. We used to talk alot on there and immediately found a mutual respect for each other.

Since then we have worked on 4 websites together. Our currently place of residence is www.wheelnutsforum.co.uk which has been open for over a year and is a forum website where all forms of motorsport can be discussed. We hope you come and join us!

Paul Murtagh is Irish therefore was a very keen fan of the Jordan team and Eddie Irvine. He once met Eddie Jordan and asked him to contact him if there was a spare seat in the racing team. Unfortunately to Paul Murtagh's disappointment that phone call never came.

Daniel Chalmers is a very keen Mclaren fan and has supported the career of David Coulthard.

Both Daniel Chalmers and Paul Murtagh have been passionate about F1 from a very early age.

I hope you enjoy are unique form of articles. We will be doing these articles throughout the F1 season starting with previewing all the teams that are taking part in this season's championship.

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