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  • Larry Southworth posted 1621 days ago

    Larry Southworth

    Charlie, after reading your bulletin board response I deleted my post relative to betting. I've been banned numerous times from BR and I have no idea what they would do if I violated another one of their rules. Although I believe Cutler will play well enough to be considered, he has received so much negative press since joining the Bears that I really don't believe he could ever get enough nationwide fan support to actually make the Pro Bowl. Didn't want to leave you hanging.

  • jr crusher posted 1702 days ago

    jr crusher

    thanks for the fun debate between flacco and rodgers. you make solid points but you and i see things different ways. i will look forward to your posts in the future, take care.

  • Stan Medlock posted 1795 days ago

    Stan Medlock

    Why would I need to ''show you love'' when I was right?!? I made out just fine with it. If you go back, I said all along that the reason for me doing the trade was to get Blackmon, because I felt that Shonn Greene and Forte would cancel each other out...AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. It doesn't matter if Forte was hurt off and on. His injury history went into my decision. The end result is, as you stated, he scored one point (actually 10 more points in standard scoring leagues) more that Shonn Greene for the season. That's the very definition of a cancel out.

    Blackmon on the other hand monsterously outscored Alshon Jeffery and that's what I was banking on:

    Alshon Jeffery: 0 rush yds, 367 rec yds, 3 TD..... 54.70 fantasy points
    Justin Blackmon: 23 rush yds, 865 rec yds, 8 TD....120.80 fantasy points

    I WON